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Dear walkers and friends,

After a very long season in 2023, I am still catching up on administration and communication. It's a very stormy and rainy day here in Sicily... but in our cosy home, filled with candle lights, cookies and classical music, this seems to be the perfect moment to reflect on the many wonderful experiences, adventures and memories which come to my mind… and to give you an update on what is in store for the 2024 season.

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From Andalusia to Portugal


Always in favour of the Andalusia and Morocco combination on our Journey back in Time, it was a nice change returning for the first time after 13 years to Portugal. Obviously many of you must have liked this combination, as the first tour is fully booked. Due to popular demand, we have added a second tour, starting in Porto on the 20th April - limited spots available and if you are interested, please contact us.

Guided Walking HolidaysWe wanted to slow down and enjoy some exercise, good food and accommodation without having to plan it all. Bingo on all counts! It was a fab time with highlights including a wonderful guided tour of the Alhambra, a great stay in Ronda and the Sagres wildflowers. Gabriella's experience, local knowledge and contacts were excellent - we had memorable meals including at a water mill near Ronda, on the beach near Tarifa and at a winery in the Douro Valley. The walks were through quiet countryside, sometimes more challenging than anticipated. The very small group was great company and the guides were enthusiastic and committed."
Cathy from Sydney Australia
Spain Portugal A Journey back in Time    Walking Tour Spain   Walking Tour Portugal18-day Walking Tour in Portugal and Spain, through the Douro Valley, Algarve and Andalusia


  01 April | Granada, Spain
    20 April | Porto, Portugal

Alhambra, Granada

gourmet Alhambra Palace, Granada

Bérchules, Alpujarras Spain

gourmet Bérchules, Alpujarras, Spain

Douro Valley

gourmet Douro River Cruise, Portugal


A year without Sicily

Regrettably, our Sicily tour in 2024 coincides with our second Journey back in Time tour, therefore will not be in the programme for this year! However, we invite you to join our exquisite Dolce Vita walk in April 2025, promising a balanced itinerary filled with history, nature walks, art and most certainly delectable cuisine. Other highlights are our 4 days in the enchanting Aeolian Islands, where our walks take us up to the volcano crater, as well as exploring the islands of Panarea and Stromboli.

Guided Walking Holidays Annie & I want to thank You & Helmut for a great walk. We really covered the "hotspots" of Sicily very well plus the walks were great. We were remarkably lucky with the weather as well. We thought the group was wonderful as well. Now we have to decide on walk No. 11!"
John & Annie, Adelaide, South Australia

Sicily La Dolce Vita    Walking Tour Italy15-day Walking tour in Sicily and the Aeolian Islands
2025   25 April | Palermo, Sicily, Italy


Mount Etna, Sicily

gourmet Cefalù, Northern Sicily

Capo d'Orlando, Messina

gourmet Capo d'Orlando, Messina


The Spirit of Japan

In May, I had the privilege of accompanying our first tour in Japan, an extraordinary journey led by our wonderful guide Pepijn. Diverting from the typical Walkabout experience, this journey was unique as we predominantly traversed the country by train. Pepijn introduced us to Japan's vibrant life, unravelling its modern and ancient traditions, exploring facets of religion, history, culture, art and cuisine.

October took me back to Japan and I can only join the chorus praising this autumnal spectacle - just stunning to see it again in this beautiful autumn light. Getting more familiar with our walks and daily life in Japan, we have fine-tuned this year's itinerary. We spend our first night in Tokyo and then make our way north to Nikko for two nights. We also have the opportunity to visit one of Japan's tea plantations on our way to Nara. Due to these changes, we have one extra night in Matsumoto and hopefully some more time to visit the city museum. Its main attraction is the collection of works from the world-famous Matsumoto-born artist Kusama Yayoi.

We are offering again 2 departures this year! While limited spots remain on our tour in May, the October tour is currently fully booked. Excitingly, our 2025 spring tour will embrace the cherry blossom season, commencing in late March. Exact dates will be shared once all hotel confirmations are secured.

Guided Walking HolidaysKimi our Japanese guide was sensational. He was forever considerate, alert and looked out for our welfare, safety and enjoyment. A real treasure! Our group was always on time for our daily journeys and the energy was fun. Japan's countryside did not disappoint as it was magical with its autumn colours which only enhanced the adventure. Many thanks."
Marie from Willow Vale QLD, Australia
Japan The Spirit of Japan    Walking Tour Japan18-day Walking Tour of discovery from Tokyo to Hiroshima


  10 May | Tokyo, Japan
    19 October | Tokyo, Japan

Snow Monkey, Jigokudani

gourmet Snow Monkeys, Jigokudani

Shukubo Chion, Kyoto

gourmet Shukubo Chion, Kyoto

Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima

gourmet Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima


Walking with Gilles

We are very happy to have Gilles still in the Walkabout team and as in most years, he took a small group to Corsica and Sardinia. Here dramatic mountains are never far away from the sea, which certainly makes for a dramatic landscape. While this tour is on hold for 2024, instead Gilles will guide our On the Celtic Way tour twice. The first tour on the 7th June is fully booked, however, there are two spots available for the second departure later in June.

Guided Walking Holidays I'm very glad I took the chance to travel with a friend and do a trip a bit out of my usual comfort zone. I was one of the few 'non-repeaters' in the group of 14 - and the oldest - but it was a great group, and Gilles and Pascal looked after everyone beautifully. The accommodation was excellent; varied in character and location and never bland-international-hotel style. The food in our Cornwall hotels was tops; superior to the cuisine in Brittany (but, as the French friends we stayed with after the tour pointed out, Brittany has never been one of the gastronomic high spots of France, so no surprises there. And they're very good at galettes!). The coastal walks in both countries were magnificent, with the moors and the standing stones as counterpoints. We were lucky with the weather, too - only one wet day, really - and escaped the heat wave that's currently tormenting Europe. Salut to Gilles and Pascal - they did a wonderful job."
Judy from Exeter, England
Celtic Way On the Celtic way   Walking Tour England    Walking Tour France14-day Walking tour in England and France from Corwall to Brittany through to Devon, Belle Ile and Normandy


  25 June | Exeter, England

Gilles will also be leading the The Romantic Path walk in Austria and Italy (14-27 September) and the Gastronomic Trail in France (2-15 October). Both walks still have some vacancies.

Altaussee, Liezen, Austria

gourmet Altaussee, Austria

Sassolungo Dolomites, Italy

gourmet Sassolungo Dolomites, Italy



gourmet The Cathar Country, France


The Best of Italy


We can't wait to return to the Amalfi Coast on our Epicurean walk in Italy, beginning 8th June in Sorrento and concluding on the 23rd June in Florence.

From here we continue with our Gems of the Riviera, showcasing the beautiful Ligurian Coast, Cinque Terre and the Côte d'Azur. Join us on this fantastic walk with new highlights: a new trail in the Cinque Terre, Imperia, walking from Menton to Monaco. After much contemplation, we felt it was also time to change the title - so no more Walk to the Stars!.

Guided Walking HolidaysWe really enjoyed this tour. It offered a delightful balance between walking and sightseeing. The walks with coastal views were a real highlight for us. We had some exceptional meals in very special locations, many with a view of the Mediterranean. We appreciated the high-end accommodation at Sestri Levante, with sufficient time to explore the region. We loved the opportunity to settle into a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle, and staying in the middle of St Tropez in a cute hotel was a special opportunity."
Ellen from Brisbane, Australia
Riviera Gems of the Riviera    Walking Tour France    Walking Tour Italy14-day Walking tour through Italian & French Riviera.
2024   25 June | Florence, Italy


Meta Mountain, Abruzzo

gourmet Meta Mountain range, Abruzzo, Italy

Villa Epirussi Rothschild, France

gourmet Villa Epirussi Rothschild, France

Sorrentino Peninsula

gourmet Sorrentino Peninsula, Italy

Kekova rock tombs Turkey

Go Türkiye!

Unfortunately, our Mediterranean Odyssey journey is still on hold due to regulations, making it impossible to cross from Turkey into Greece on a commercial gullet and we can't see any green light in the near future.

In addition to our tour through Cappadocia and Eastern Turkey in May, starting in Kayseri, we have reintroduced one of our favourite journeys - Discover Asia Minor in Western Turkey, starting in Istanbul and ending in Antalya. Two captivating programs starting in May and September, led by our knowledgeable and popular guide Fatih.

Guided Walking HolidaysAt long last I stepped inside the pages of my ancient history books to explore sites created and/or conquered by the Hittites, ancient Greeks, Persians, Romans and Ottomans. Glorious walks, some by the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas and through the unique Cappadocian landscape kept us well away from the hordes on board tourist buses and offered a variety of panoramic and scenic views. From cooking lessons in a village kitchen to sharing morning tea with our guide's family we sampled local hospitality as well as outstanding restaurants, simple local fare and different types of accommodation. A terrific itinerary delivered by guide Fatih and driver Umit for our little tour group of three. It was everything I had hoped for."
Helen from Adelaide SA, Australia

Walk to the Stars Treasures of Cappadocia    Walking Tour Turkey17-day Walking tour in Cappadocia, South Eastern Turkey and the Black sea
2024   18 May | Kayseri, Turkey

Turkey Discover Asia Minor    Walking Tour Turkey 17-day Walking tour in Turkey from Istanbul to Antalya


  15 September | Istanbul, Turkey


Pamukkale, Turkey

gourmet Pamukkale, Turkey

Butterfly Valley, Turkey

gourmet Butterfly Valley, Turkey

Vineyard Selçuk, Turkey

gourmet Vineyard Selçuk, Turkey

Istanbul Turkey

gourmet Istanbul, Turkey

Llanos De La Larri Pyrenees Spain

Into the Mountains with Olivier

A new team member is Olivier who was initially recommended by Pascal, one of our former guides. Pascal has become a professional globetrotter and together with his wife they are roaming the planet for adventures in fascinating places! We miss them and wish them safe travels.

Olivier, a very experienced mountain guide, is the leader on the Pilgrim's Way and the Pyrenees walks. This year he will join me on our first Journey back in Time walk, starting on the 1st April. Olivier is also the guide on our Journey through the Holy Land tour but obviously this tour is on hold until further notice.

He guides a lot of mountain trekking tours for other companies but is also a specialist in leading tours through Oman. We have asked him for suggestions to temporarily replace our Journey through the Holy Land tour with Oman. Please contact us if you are interested in this exciting new tour! We shall confirm our November departure dates very soon.

Guided Walking HolidaysA truly fantastic experience. Clearly much research had gone into selecting the various walks, accommodation and restaurants. The two vehicles were perfect for carrying the relatively small group (15) and Graeme & Pascal were there to help in every way possible. My wife and I appreciated the fact that the tour saw no pressure on those unable to complete all the walking. I suffered from blisters and yet wasn't made to feel excluded even though I missed some of the walking. The gastronomic experiences, notably in Ainhoa, were outstanding and the pre-dinner gatherings for drinks really bonded a group of likeminded "adventurers". The Pilgrim's Way has my strongest endorsement. It was a truly wonderful and unique experience."
Peter from Perth WA, Australia
Spain The Pilgrim's Way   Walking Tour France   Walking Tour Spain14-day Walking tour in France and Spain across Pays-Basque, Ainhoa and Santiago de Compostela
2024   02 May | Biarritz, France

Pyrenees Discover the Pyrenees   Walking Tour France   Walking Tour Spain14-day Walking tour in France and Spain, from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic
2024   10 July | Montpellier, France

Llanos De La Larri Pyrenees

gourmet Llanos de La Larri, Spain

Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park Spain

gourmet Aigüestortes Estany de St Maurici

Noarre Pyrenees, Spain

gourmet Noarre Pyrenees, Spain


gourmet Oman

Velensole Plateau

The Charms of Provence

July is the month when we like to stay at home and savour the charm of Provence with the scent of lavender in the air, overflowing markets with delicious locally grown produce and balmy nights for al fresco dining. We recommend the Flavours of Provence or Rejuvenate in Provence journeys or a combination of both of them.

Guided Walking HolidaysI particularly loved the olive farm, the Potager and Vineyard, lunch at Alain Ducasse, the lavender fields, and both restaurants in Forcalquier, Salagon, the goat farm and cooking with Joyce. Thank you for making Provence all that I've read about and more!.
Liz from Nungurner Victoria, Australia
Provence Flavours of Provence   Walking Tour France7-day Walking tour in Provence, France to Relax, Walk, Learn, Talk, Enjoy and Cook!
2024   13 July | Aix-en-Provence, France

Provence A Rejuvenating Retreat in Provence   Walking Tour France7-day Walking tour in Provence, France - Relax and Unwind - Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul
2024   05 July | Aix-en-Provence, France

If you prefer you can also choose just a holiday and prepare your own itinerary staying in one of our 3 holiday apartments in Provence.

Picnic at the Citadel Forcalquier Provence

gourmet Picnic at the Citadel Forcalquier

Cuisine Southern France Mediterranean

gourmet Mediterranean Cuisine

meditation in lavender

gourmet Meditation in lavender field


Into the land of Ice & Fire

Iceland is one of my favourite countries and somehow it is always overwhelming to return and see the rough beauty of this amazing island! Our walk takes us into an untamed world of fire and ice, of spouting geysers, blue lagoons, massive glaciers and multi-coloured valleys stretching to the sea.

Our spectacular adventure immerses you in the full realm of Iceland's extraordinary landscapes, with fantastic coastal and mountain walks. Last year I caught up with a former guest and friend to hike up to the currently active volcano, which was an awesome experience. Join us on our next Icelandic adventure.

Guided Walking HolidaysI had a really great time on this trip and positively LOVED Iceland. The landscape was truely amazing and the guiding was the best i have experienced. I loved the variety in the walks and the pace. My group was friendly and supportive and fun... the accommodation was just gorgeous and overall it was a really good trip. Having local guides made the trip unique and the leadership by Gabriela and Ragna was consistently present and switched on."
Julie from Sydney NSW, Australia
Iceland Iceland Explorer    Walking Tour Iceland  14-day Walking tour in Iceland
2024   27 July | Reykjavik, Iceland

Walewatching Dalvik Iceland

gourmet Whale watching Dalvik, Iceland

Puffins at South Coast Iceland

gourmet Puffins at South Coast, Iceland

Crayfish on vegetables, Hofn

gourmet Skógafoss, Iceland

Monte Baldo Lake Garda Italy

Lakes of Italy

Our Italian Lakes tour continues to be very popular and is filling up. There are many great walks and one of them takes us into the Val Bregaglia. It is, without a doubt, one of the hardest but always the most rewarding walks. The mountain scenery is at its best in this region and our dinner at Hotel Soglina in Soglio is always a great end after a fabulous day in the mountains.

Guided Walking Holidays"Fabulous scenery, great walks, lovely hotels and meals. Each lake had a different feel about it, and each walk was different too. Thank you Gabriela and Catherine for guiding and driving us through this beautiful part of the world. (It's clear a lot of thought (and experience) has gone into planning this trip - the hotels, the restaurants, the walks, the route taken and the days off exploring the local area all contributed to an excellent trip)."
Anne from Perth WA, Australia
Italian lakes The Italian Lakes   Walking Tour Italy    Walking Tour Switzerland14-day Tour in Italy walking around Lago Maggiore, Lago di Como & Lago di Garda
2024   26 September | Luzern, Switzerland

Sonogno Ticino Switzerland

gourmet Sonogno Ticino, Switzerland

Italy Lake Soglio, Bregalia

gourmet Village of Soglio, Bregaglia Valley

Plitvice Lakes Croatia

From Turquoise Waters to the Julian Alps

Helmut concludes our European season with our walk in Croatia and Slovenia. This very popular tour has the right balance between coastal walks while on the dreamy island of Mljet, history and culture as well as spectacular mountain walks in the Julian Alps in Slovenia. October is the perfect time as we can still enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters of the Adriatic in Mljet but by the time we arrive in the Julian Alps the autumn colours have kicked in and the mellow autumn light has a golden hue. A wonderful surprise awaits us in Bohinjska Bistrica where we meet Jože. He is a very creative chef with a dedication and love for cooking and tradition, which he found right here in his hometown. He will spoil us with top-notch cuisine and excellent local wines.

Guided Walking Holidays"We have joined a number of Walkabout Gourmet Adventures over the years and once again we thoroughly enjoyed the Croatia/Slovenia experience. it is a beautiful part of the world and certainly not one to be missed in a lifetime. Travelling with like minded people in a relatively small group with two wonderful guides as in Gabriela and Helmut, you simply cannot go wrong. Every day was an adventure in so many ways, whether it was experiencing the walking trails getting close to nature or as we call it 'earthing' , the history, the culture, the local cuisine or simply enjoying getting to know the other guests in the group. We would highly recommend WGA to anyone seeking a small group adventure where you can simply 'go with the flow' and enjoy each day where there is an element of surprise each day!"
Stuart & Davina from Brisbane QLD, Australia
Croatia Explore Croatia & Slovenia   Walking Tour Croatia   Walking Tour Slovenia14-day Walking tour in Croatia and Slovenia
2024   11 October | Dubrovnik, Croatia

Julian Alps Slovenia

gourmet Julian Alps, Slovenia

Mljet Island Croatia

gourmet Mljet Island, Croatia


Dining at Nadje, Lovran, Croatia

gourmet Voje Valley, Slovenia

Houseboat Kerala Backwaters India

In the land of Coconuts & Spices

After Japan I will happily return to Kerala where I end my season with our Flavours of South India. 12 days of cultural discovery, mountain walks and culinary delights.

In the cool mountain region of Munnar our walks are amongst the cool tea, coffee and lush spice plantations. Here we are going to meet Nimi and spend some time cooking and creating some of these delicious Keralan dishes. Meanwhile she is quite a famous chef and acclaimed writer who has won many prizes. It is a privilege spending an afternoon with her.

We will also spend some time in Thekkady and the name conjures up images of elephants, unending chains of hills and spice-scented plantations. In the Periyar forest of Thekkady we walk in one of the finest wildlife reserves in India and spread across the entire district are picturesque plantations and hill towns with great mountain walks.

It must have been serendipity to meet Sreejith, our wise holistic yoga/meditation and reflexology teacher. A true yogi, he transmits everything, which is so often missing in our modern ways of teaching yoga. Our days usually begin with yoga or meditation, which of course is always optional. Once one has experienced a first practice with Sreejith, we can assure you that you will never want to miss out on this transformative experience.

We end our journey with 2 tranquil days on a houseboat in the Kerala Backwaters. It is a fabulous way to explore the fascinating beauty of the backwaters, watching the ducks being called to their night shelter, children going to school and village life passes by.

All meals will be served on the boat, freshly prepared by the crew, while you relax and take in the views. In the evening the boat will anchor by the lush paddy fields to enjoy the tranquillity of the water around (so that the local fishermen are not disturbed). To stretch our legs, we walk around the rice fields at sunset. These fields are below sea level.


Guided Walking HolidaysMy cousin and I had an absolutely wonderful time touring South India. We loved the adventure walks and really enjoyed the cooking classes - they were a highlight. Accommodation was first class and the Aleppy houseboat trip was fantastic. Such a brilliant way to see life in Kerala up close and personal. We were so lucky to enjoy the company of the other tour guests - such a great bunch of people and so much fun...."
Victoria from Sydney, NSW, Australia
India Flavours of South India    Walking Tour India12-day A Journey to the Soul - Walking, Cooking, Tasting, Meditation and Yoga in Kerala


  15 November | Cochin, Kerala, India

Shine our local guide Kerala

gourmet Shine our local guide

Munnar tea plantations Kerala India

gourmet Munnar tea plantations, Kerala

Cooking with Nimi Munnar

gourmet Cooking with Nimi Munnar

Fishing platforms Cochin India

gourmet Fishing platforms in Cochin


Australian walking holidays

Don't forget if you aren't able to join us on one of our exciting overseas holidays, you can join Graeme on one of our local Australian walking holidays this year – we still have availability on the following:

Mallacoota Mallacoota & Croajingolong  ››  February 17
6-day in Mallacoota and Croajingolong National Parks, Victoria
Palm Beach Sydney Coastal Gems  ››  March 7
9-day in Palm Beach, Ku-Ring-Gai, Brisbane Water & Bouddi NPs, NSW
Albany Best of the West  ››  April 29
13-day in Albany, Bibbulmun Track, Cape to Cape, Margaret River, WA
Flinders Flinders Island  ››  May 27
7-day - Jewels of Bass Strait Islands, Tasmania
Lamington Lamington NP  ››  June 23
5-day in the rainforest of Lamington National Park, Queensland
Guided Walking HolidaysA most enjoyable trip! Lovely accommodation and food; spectacular views from our room. Our leader, Graeme, was very experienced and well informed about the Lamington region. He had a gentle manner that allowed him to engage easily with all members of the group, providing support and guidance when required to ensure that all went smoothly."
Cheryl from Melbourne, Australia

Karbeethong Lodge, Mallacoota

gourmet Mallacoota

Booyong Tree Top Boardwalk

gourmet Booyong Tree Top Boardwalk

Mt Stzelecki, Flinders

gourmet Mt Stzelecki, Flinders Island

We wish you all an exciting and adventurous 2024, filled with joy and happiness throughout the year,

Gabriela, Graeme and the Walkabout Team