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18 days walking tour The Spirit of Japan


A walking Tour of discovery from Tokyo to Hiroshima

Our Spirit of Japan tour allows guests to experience an "insiders" view of the real Japan from the bustling cities of Tokyo and Osaka, the pristine countryside of the Nakasendo Way and the natural wonders of the Japanese Alps.

Along the way taste a variety of delicious culinary delights as we travel through regional Japan. Stay in both comfortable Japanese inns and western-style accommodation - all with private ensuite facilities. Travel with a maximum of 12 like-minded guests primarily from Australia, in a very personalised tour which will be accompanied by both Walkabout and local Japanese guides.

We begin our journey in the vibrant and exciting city of Tokyo - we certainly recommend having a couple of nights here before the tour commences. Our first stop is Yudanaka where we have the opportunity to visit the famous Snow Monkey Park where we can observe the wild monkeys going about their daily lives.

We move onto Matsumoto, an historical city nestled below the Japanese Alps. One of the highlights of our visit here is the opportunity to visit the amazing historical castle plus Japan’s premier Modern Art Museum exhibiting the works of Kusama Yayoi.

From here it’s onto the pristine Kamakochi Valley - a natural wonderland within the Japanese Alps. No visit to Japan is complete without experiencing the “onsen” hot spring baths. After a day of walking, there is nothing better than to soothe one’s body in the warm natural waters – such a soothing experience one can quickly get into the habit each evening!

One of the unique opportunities we have to experience real Japanese hospitality is when we participate in a home visit and cooking class at Biwa ko.

We shall also visit and stay overnight in a traditional Buddhist temple. We have the opportunity to join in the morning prayer ceremony which allows us a real insight into the spiritual side of the Japanese people. Apart from the bustling cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Hiroshima, we shall also have free time to explore the cultural centres of Kyoto and Nara.

Myajima is often thought of as being Japan’s most beautiful island. It is famous for its beautiful shrines, in particular, Itsukuchima which appears to float on the sea at high tide. The island is also famous for its delicious oysters.

On our final day we travel to Hiroshima. The city’s peace memorial is a striking reminder of the ending of World War 2.

Our Hotels and Cuisine

Our accommodation will include a mixture of both charming Japanese Inns and comfortable Western style hotels. All accommodation will include private ensuite facilities.

Experiencing the diverse food culture of Japan will be one of the highlights of this tour. Each region of Japan offers guests a unique culinary experience and our local guide will ensure that we are introduced to each particular delicacy in each region we travel through.

Featured Hotels

Nara Hotel   Nara Hotel » Nara ★★★★
Century old Hotel features classic Japanese architecture. Located on Nara Park's hills, overlooks the ancient capital's historic sites.
Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu   Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu » Nagano ★★★★
Matsumoto's oldest hotel (1887). Feature classic furnishings in the Mingei phylosophy. 5-min walk to Matsumoto's castle.
Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu   Yudanaka Yoroduya Hotel » Nagano ★★★
Set on a wooded hillside, this relaxed hot spring hotel is conveniently located close to the famous snow monkey park.

Tour departure dates

2024 tour price
  Tour   The Spirit of Japan [18 days]
  Begins   10 May 2024 | Tokyo, Japan   Walking Tour Japan
  Ends   27 June 2024 | Hiroshima, Japan   Walking Tour Japan
  Price   AUD $12,885

2024 tour price
  Tour   The Spirit of Japan [18 days]
  Begins   27 October 2024 | Tokyo, Japan   Walking Tour Japan
  Ends   13 November 2024 | Hiroshima, Japan   Walking Tour Japan
  Price   AUD $12,885

Dates and Price to be confirmed

2025 tour price
  Tour   The Spirit of Japan [18 days]  (Cherry blossom season)
  Begins   30 March 2025 | Tokyo, Japan   Walking Tour Japan
  Ends   16 April 2025 | Hiroshima, Japan   Walking Tour Japan
  Price   AUD TBC

Dates and Price to be confirmed

2025 tour price
  Tour   The Spirit of Japan [18 days]
  Begins   19 October 2025 | Tokyo, Japan   Walking Tour Japan
  Ends   05 November 2025 | Hiroshima, Japan   Walking Tour Japan
  Price   AUD TBC

Feedback from Guests
Guided Walking Holidays Kimi our Japanese guide was sensational. He was forever considerate, alert and looked out for our welfare, safety and enjoyment. A real treasure! Our group was always on time for our daily journeys and the energy was fun. Japan's countryside did not disappoint as it was magical with its autumn colours which only enhanced the adventure. Many thanks."
Marie from Willow Vale QLD, Australia [2023]
Guided Walking Holidays My husband and I felt privileged to be pioneers on this journey. We thoroughly enjoyed the range of places visited, from the northern and central Japanese Alps through the old capitals of Kyoto and Nara to the southern Honshu sites of Hiroshima and Miyajima. The food was outstanding in quality and variety. Our excellent local tour leader Pepijn provided highly informative explanations of Japanese history, culture and spirituality that enhanced our visits and experiences. The walks and hikes of varying lengths covered a good mix of urban, rural and mountain environments, and Pepijn and co-leader Gabriella made sure that every member of the group was catered for and supported in attempting more challenging sections. The accommodation was all of good-excellent standard - I recommend bringing your own soft pillow! Every day brought something special - standout highlights for us included a serendipitous encounter with a group of Japanese macaques during our walk in the Kamikochi Valley; the farmhouse cooking class with Mrs Ong in Kyoto Miyama; climbing from Sakamoto to the Enryaku temple and surrounds on Mt Hiei; and reaching the top of Mt Misen on Miyajima for outstanding views over the Seto Sea."
Heather from Adelaide, Australia [2023]japan
Guided Walking Holidays This was a fantastic trip. Our guide's knowledge of Japanese culture and history added immensely to my understanding of the country. The days varied, both in walking difficulty, scenic appeal and cultural experience. Both Penign and Gabriella were kind, considerate, and encouraging."
Sue from Ohakune, New Zealand [2023]
Guided Walking Holidays I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip to Japan. The group saw many different parts of Japan with a knowledgeable and helpful guide. We saw big cities and small villages and our guide negotiated with the local people to ensure we had the best experiences. He also navigated us through the complex train and ticketing systems in Japan. Food provided and accommodation was excellent. I particularly enjoyed the 'farm to table' cooking experience in Miyama, a beautiful village!"
Karen from Sydney, NSW, Australia [2023]

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Walking tour Japan


Walking tour Japan


Walking tour Japan


Walking tour Japan



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