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Guided Walking HolidaysWe enjoyed our third tour this year and are already thinking about the next. We could easily travel independently but we enjoy the small group experience. We love getting out of the cities and into the countryside. The joy of walking and seeing things you just would not see during any other sort of tour makes Walkabout Gourmet Adventures special. And I must mention the scrumptious local cuisine and the ever-helpful guides.”
Glenda and Terry, Brisbane, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysWe have seen worlds that many will never discover on secret passage ways and out of the way trails; glimpses of ancient societies and marvels of enduring architecture and art treasures; and the beauty of timeless views beyond words, thank you!”
Diana & Marion, New Zealand
Guided Walking HolidaysThe tour was even better than expected - the formula of staying in one place for a while is perfect. We will undoubtedly become serial Walkabout Gourmet Tourers. Many thanks for your "mountain" of information. Here is only one word I can think of that describes the holiday - MAGIC!”
Sue, Gladstone, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysThis was our seventh tour with you and it was one of the best trips we've done. The scenery was stunning despite the fact that fog and leaden skies meant we often didn't see it at its best, Graeme and Pascal were excellent guides and the accommodation was generally comfortable and full of character. The surprise was the quality of the food. With the exception of the buffets at Rondablick, the food was truly gourmet, especially the imaginative and flavoursome meals prepared by Knut's Icelandic chef. Our favourite walk was definitely Besseggen, where a superb mountain walk with spectacular views of lakes, glaciers and rugged peaks coincided with the best weather of our trip. Obviously the day where we all became soaked and saw very little except our feet wasn't particularly pleasurable, nor was the day when the walk degenerated into a 'gallop' up a bitumen road. Still, our group functioned well and the walks were generally scenically beautiful and well-paced. Finally, a highlight was seeing the musk oxen (a 'musk see' experience). Just 'technical' sightings on the day when we expected to see them and they just kept emerging from the hole when we weren't expecting them and had left the camera in the van! Still, thanks to Graeme we have piccies. Thank you once again”
Judith and Duncan, Adelaide, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysAnother walk - the 4th. Didn't know how I'd handle it after so many years and no time to put in pre-walking. The enjoyment of starting out as strangers, gathering together, enjoying the atmosphere, food and walks under the reassuring hand of our guide will fill the mind in the months and years to come. Thank you Graeme. I do hope that I'll have the opportunity to walk in the company of one of the Clarke's again. It's about time we nominated you for one of the great Family Awards”
Yvonne, Cooma, NSW, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysWhy does it have to end? Two weeks of wonderful variety and surprises with great people and the best of tour leaders - Merci beaucoup, Graeme. We'll be back. Thanks for the laughs, the experiences and the memories”
Judi, Sydney, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysThis two weeks was an amazing experience with highlight after highlight. Thank you both for another amazing journey. Your research never fails to amaze me. You keep coming up with new treasures every year. No wonder we all keep coming back. Thank you Birgitta. She is a wonderful guide and helped make the journey great. It was also nice to have someone who likes to go up the hills at a slow pace. Many thanks”
Brian & Maureen, Geelong, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysThanks for your inspirational cooking, Gabriela and finding such a great setting - Voltone is absolutely marvellous and we're very sad to be leaving. Birgitta has looked after us superbly and been extremely efficient and flexible coping with our "sickies" and some unruly Aussies. The little surprise was great!”
Margaret & Keith, Melbourne, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysI have truly experienced the full magic of Italy from top to bottom. Your remarkable organisation and experience opened up a box of treasure. Thank you both for your friendship, kindness, patience and expertise. See you again”
Sue, Sydney, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysThank you for a wonderful trip - very well planned but allowing flexibility for the vagaries of weather and participants! Gabriela and Gilles are the perfect guides - they guide but do not 'lead'. They were wonderful companions to the group”
Susan, Canberra, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysWe want to say how much we both enjoyed our walking tour with you. We hadn't done anything like that before and found it a most interesting way to 'feel' the countryside and enjoy a coffee at the picturesque hill towns etc. It was also a very nice touch at the end having lunch at your place and seeing how the 'locals' live. Again, many thanks for making our holiday so enjoyable”
Ailsa & Dick, Marcus Hill, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysMany thanks to Graeme and Martin for a wonderful and "therapeutic" holiday. I have been very impressed by your professionalism and the care you have both taken of our group. Great walking and safe driving! Hope to join you on another tour”
Bill, Sydney, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysFor gently pushing me to go further than I thought I could, thank you. The rewards were well worth it - astonishing vistas, great company, amazing meals and a gracious, unforgettable afternoon near Lake Bolsena. Many thanks to you both.
Anne, Rosedale, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysWonderful, varying walks, stunning scenery, delicious dinners and fine fellowship - this was all we had wished for. Especially, we liked the high trails, and the chamois, the little villages with their higgledy - piggledy rooves. More especially, all the great laughs along the way. Thanks, many thanks, to G&S for making it all happen, for finding these wonderful hotels and for putting up with us all with a smile.”
Steve & Kay, Adelaide, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysWhat a fortnight! Walking, talking, eating, drinking, laughing. Italy in the mountains, Italy going to the soccer. Italy at the beach, Ancient Italy, modern Italy. Italy in the traffic. We've been very tired at the end of every day but very satisfied. We're both feeling relaxed and fit and we thank you both for your sense of fun, your sense of adventure and your sense of compassion.”
Max & Lorna, Sydney, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysScaling the slopes, slipping in snow, tiptoeing through fields of red poppies, lavender and wildflowers and journeying to 'food heaven' each night have been a very memorable experience. Thanks G&G&P and 'tasty' guides from Mercantour.”
Margaret, Dale & Jill, Melbourne, Australia and Surrey, England
Guided Walking Holidays"Without Prejudice" - From the initial invitation to observe the "French etchings", to the Alps and the "sound of music" in the meadows, thru to the deepest gorge in Europe it has been a complete pleasure on every level. The "group dynamics" the wicked provocation and the fantastic food have combined to make a magnificent memory, which will be cherished. Absolutely!”
Stuart, Byron Bay, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysYou've got the combination right - well paced fascinating off the beaten track places and experiences balanced with leadership that is enthusiastic and a group that is manageable in size. A fascinating Italy revealed.”
Desley, Melbourne, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysMy first walking and 'group' experience and what a group to experience! The walks were a delight, particularly loved the 'sleeps' in the meadow; something I was longing to do. Thank you G&G&P for "everything" you were wonderful to all of us - Thank you to the group for all your encouragement and laughter - happy trails to all - a pocketful of memories.
Jenni, Sydney, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysThe combination of an amazing group of - dare I say it - Australians, guides, leaders, scenery & totally amazing food in endless abundance, has made this journey one that will never be forgotten.”
Red & Kaye, New Zealand
Guided Walking HolidaysJust the kind of relaxing holiday I needed - no thinking required - just enjoying the great walks, lovely food and wine, and terrific company. Definitely doing this again and recommending to friends - excellent organisation and hotel locations. Thanks for a very different experience of Italy.
Nicola, Sydney, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysEvery day was so magical - you got the balance right - wish everyone I know could experience this exceptional tour. Thank you from the bottom of my heart - great company, wonderful walks, superb consistent food.”
Jenni, Adelaide, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysA truly fabulous experience in which I can't find one bad day experience. I loved the hotels, the food, the walks, the countryside, our wonderful groups, and the exceptional leadership of B&M. One of the peak experiences of my life and I will be back for more.”
Alan, Melbourne, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysAnother great memorable holiday. France has never looked better and the treasures that G & G found for us will be remembered forever. Many Thanks.”
Brian, Geelong, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysThis has been the best holiday I've ever had. The walking has been fabulous and the food divine. I've been especially impressed with our guides Gabriela and Adrian. They have always been supportive, cheerful and able to cope with every situation. My heartfelt thanks to you both for our Gourmet Walkabout tour. We are looking forward to our next trip with you.”
Judith, Melbourne, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysThe "homework" you do before a trip like this is as "in depth" as possible, but after this trip, and after my eyes have been opened up to the charm and variety of the three areas visited, my reading will be "intense". Thanks for making this possible and for giving me the desire to return.
Pat, Brisbane, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysWhat an amazing introduction to Provence! Thank you for your guidance, and all the wonderful walks, meals and history lessons. We have loved every minute. We'll be back for more soon.”
Rick & Jan, Adelaide, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysWe find it impossible to find the words to describe the beauty of the walks in the Pyrenees. Walkabout has organised yet another wonderful holiday experience for us. Sabine and Chris have ensured that every hour of the day will hold memories for us.
Robyn & David, Brisbane, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysGabriela and Birgitta you have both made our holiday an unforgettable one by your unfailing good humour, driving skills and knowledge of the most delightful walks "far from the madding crowds". We will never forget those flower strewn meadows on the top of Monte Subasio and the snowy mountainside at the Meta (despite the absence of bears!). The hotel and food have been really "gourmet" and we hope to do another trip with you before too long.”
Susan & David, Gisborne, New Zealand
Guided Walking HolidaysChris and Sabine have made our first 'Walkabout' a truly memorable experience. They have guided us safely through some wonderful scenery and have gone to enormous trouble to ensure our enjoyment. The tour has given us the opportunity to see places we would not otherwise have found and the company of 10 Australians and two enthusiastic Germans has been something else entirely! We have been fortunate to have seen eagles, vultures, chamois and assorted smaller fauna. We have enjoyed the whole fortnight and have very much valued our guides experience and assistance which has been so freely given.”
Nick & Jan, Kingston Ridge, England
Guided Walking HolidaysNot being enthusiastic hikers, we came primarily for the food. To our surprise, the walking was for us the highlight, and it was enhanced by your attentive care and enthusiasm. We're thinking of Provence.”
Mimi & Jerry, San Francisco, USA
Guided Walking HolidaysWalks, talks, laughs, cries(!), swears (!), blue skies, grey skies, log houses, castles, churches, new friends and memories. Thanks.”
Graeme and Adrian, Edmonton, Canada
Guided Walking HolidaysOur minds are so full of all the wonderful things we have seen in these two weeks that it is difficult to know what our strongest memory will be, but I think it will be the memory of the flowers. The high grassy meadows were full of blue and yellow violas, golden primroses and white daisies. Then there were all the pink and purple orchids and hyacinths near Voltone. I shall never forget the greens of the forest of Umbra, or those chamois playing in the snow or the silent beauty of Bicentina. Then there was all the good food and the fellowship and fun together. What a wonderful time we have had with so many happy memories to keep. Thank you Birgitta and Gabriela for looking after us so well.”Margaret & John, Adelaide, Australia
Guided Walking HolidaysOur first experience with "Down Unders" has been great! !! Thanks to Fred and our guide Graeme. We hope to come back! The French "guinea pigs”
Marie-France & Bertrand, Perpignan, France
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