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Our philosophy is simple - to get out of the cities and into the countryside where you can discover the charm and beauty of the Eastern Europe regions such as Czech Republic, Poland, Tatra Mountains, Croatia and Slovenia. Walking with a small, like minded group is the best way to explore them. It is important to have time to "smell the roses", not to rush through but to soak up the atmosphere. We are great believers that the journey is what matters, not the destination! All our holidays in Eastern Europe are guided - we are not there to overload you with facts and figures but discreetly share with you the wonderful places we have discovered during our "journey".

 Guided Walking Holidays Eastern Europe



Eastern Circuit Eastern Circuit
Czech Republic, Poland, Tatra Mountains & Slovak Republic
September 14 days
Explore Croatia & Slovenia Explore Croatia & Slovenia
Eastern Europe Croatia & Slovenia
October 14 days

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About gourmet food and wine in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is a region with a rich culinary history, and Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Slovakia are no exception. These countries boast delicious gourmet food and fine wines that reflect their unique cultural influences and traditions. In Croatia, one must try the Dalmatian ham, a salt-cured and air-dried ham that is a regional specialty. Another must-try is the black risotto, a rich seafood dish made with squid ink, garlic, and olive oil. Croatia is also known for its delicious wines, with Plavac Mali and Malvasija being two popular varieties. Slovenia is famous for its world-renowned pumpkin oil, which is made from roasted pumpkin seeds and is used to flavor a variety of dishes. Another popular dish is jota, a hearty stew made with beans, sauerkraut, potatoes, and bacon. When it comes to wine, Slovenia has a growing reputation for its quality white wines such as Rebula and Sauvignon Blanc. In the Czech Republic, traditional dishes include svickova, which is roast beef with dumplings and creamy vegetable sauce, and kolaches, a sweet pastry filled with fruit or cheese. The country is also known for its excellent beers, with Pilsner Urquell and Budweiser Budvar being two famous brands. Slovakia's cuisine is heavily influenced by its neighboring countries, including Hungary and Austria. One must-try dish is bryndzove halusky, a hearty potato dumpling dish served with sheep cheese and bacon. Slovakian wines are also gaining recognition for their unique flavors, with Devin and Frankovka being two popular varieties.