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Walking Tour in Paris

5 days walking tour A Parisian Gateway


Walking Tour in Paris, France

What better way to discover the magic of Paris than by getting shown around by an insider who has spent years sourcing out all the best places the city has to offer. Nastassja is happy to share with you her favourite food finds and other secret corners. It’s pretty obvious that this tour will involve a lot of eating - indulging in the oh so fabulous sweet pattiseries and sipping wine while tasting the various French cheeses with baguette! A great activity of the french “art de vivre” go by... The city is rich in art, gastronomy, fashion and culture and these will be our main focus points through the trip. Whether you’d like to source out that extra special item for a loved one or for yourself, trust Paris to have that just waiting for you to find it!

The “Art de vivre à la Française” will be experienced in the most authentic way and on a daily basis, how lucky are you! Making the time to sit at cafes and watch the world go by with delicious croissants, and of course the divine french bread and butter! In the evenings, we will slowly stroll our way through the night lit streets and enter a whole new culinary celebration of the French cuisine in some of the best sought out restaurants in town.

Speaking of which we shall also have the opportunity to learn more about how to actually cook a French dish with a cook during a Parisian cooking class. Get ready to uncover the most sought out culinary secrets of French cuisine and go home with a recipe list full of tasty dishes.

A special evening surprise will be held at the Moulin rouge show – get ready to immerse yourself in one of the oldest and most entertaining cabaret shows in the world. A truly unique experience!

From strolling along the banks of the Seine, discovering the hidden corner of neighborhoods such as Montmartre with its spectacular panoramic views, the charming village-like Marais, chic St Germain des Près, your feet are in for some sightseeing in style. Don’t worry there are sufficient cafes to rest at!

One cannot go to Paris without at least having the ultimate Eiffel tower experience. Its top views give a unique perspective of what Paris truly is. A wonderful city from above and below!

Art has and still plays a most important role in the Parisian scene and it comes as no surprise that a visit to the famous Louvre museum and Musée D’Orsay will be viewed with an expert in the filed of art history.

Since it’s such a wonderful time to be out and about; the city has finally awakened from the colder months and everything is in full bloom again! We shall make the most of this and stroll around the Tuileries gardens whereby we will then visit a museum dedicated to one of the most renown painters in France – Monet. Engross yourself in his magnificent world for a little while and imagine the pastel coloured water lilies turning to reality right in front of your eyes!

Our Hotels and Cuisine

Our charming Parisian hotel is located in the heart of Paris in the beautiful neighbourhood of St-Germain-des-Prés. Centrally positioned and within walking distance to all the main attractions, bakeries, cafes, restaurants and shops.

Our culinary experience in Paris will mostly be focused on tasting the real French cuisine in its many flavours and forms. Dining amongst the locals where the quality of the food and atmosphere are at its best.  All dietary requirements can be adapted upon request.

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2024 tour price
  Tour   A Parisian Gateway [5 days]
  Begins   16 September 2024 | Paris, France   Walking Tour France
  Ends   20 September 2024 | Paris, France   Walking Tour France
  Price   AUD $4,990


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2025 tour price
  Tour   A Parisian Gateway [5 days]
  Begins   16 September 2025 | Paris, France   Walking Tour France
  Ends   20 September 2025 | Paris, France   Walking Tour France
  Price   AUD TBC


Guided Walking HolidaysOur engaging, delightful and thoughtful guide Nastassja took us on a magical and all encompassing tour of some of the most fascinating parts of Paris, the most romantic city in the world. Our route took us to diverse places and experiences which encapsulated some of the most glamorous and interesting facets of this fabulous city. The tour was a thoughtful and clever balance of artistic and cultural experiences. Nastassja shared with us her inside knowledge of so many special places including city gardens, the grand Mosque Cafe, Belle Epoque style restaurants and unusual Eiffel Tower viewing points. Nastassja enhanced our understanding of the city's architecture by arranging a historical guide of medieval, renaissance and nineteenth century Haussmann architectural styles. A croissant making and appreciating class was also included. This tour is perfect for anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the magical city of Paris and have a great time and a lot of fun in the process.
Jennifer from Gold Coast QLD, Australia [2023]

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Walking Tour in Paris


Walking Tour in Paris


Walking Tour in Paris


Walking Tour in Paris


Walking Tour in Paris


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