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Walking Tour in Iceland

Our journey begins in Reykjavik and takes us into an untamed world of fire and ice, of spouting geysers, blue lagoons, massive glaciers, and multicolored valleys stretching to the sea. Our spectacular adventure immerses you in the full realm of Iceland's extraordinary landscapes, with fantastic coastal and mountain walks.

We travel northeast and our first few days are spent in the delightful remote fishing port of SiglufjoerdurI, a highlight of any trip to the northwest. The country's most northerly town, Siglufjörður clings precariously to the foot of steep mountain walls, which enclose an isolated narrow fjord on the very edge of Iceland. The Arctic Circle is barely 40km away but Siglufjörður makes an excellent base for walking around the surrounding mountains.

From here we also have the opportunity to join a whale-watching excursion in search of humpbacks or even the giant blue whale. After visiting Godafoss, "waterfall of the gods", with its spectacular cascade, we head to Lake Myvatn, known as one of the best bird-watching sites in the world.

We explore the lake surroundings and also visit Dimmuborgir lava field, an area of bizarre lava formations with volcanic arches, pillars, caves, and bridges. In the Krafla volcano area, our walk brings us across countless rift fissures and lava flows from the eruptions of 1975 and 1984.

We pass through the starkly contrasting desert scenery of the Northeast Highlands to the enormous Dettifoss in Vatnajökull National Park. Europe's largest waterfall, in terms of volume discharge, Dettifoss is bizarrely set in an arid area of sand and rock formations.

We continue moving east and come to Seydisfjordur, a place of singing waterfalls and peculiar characters and stay in this welcoming town, rich in history. The Vatnajökull icecap, Europe's largest glacier, is the backdrop for our walks between mountain and shore.

We walk along stunning Jökulsárlón Lagoon, cross Skaftafellsheidi Heath, passing the beautiful Svartifoss waterfall and skirting the massive Skaftafellsjökull Glacier. We explore the Reykjadalur Valley, with its green hills and natural hot Springs and magnificent Thingvellir National Park, a World Heritage Site.

On our last day we allow time for a soak in the milky blue waters of the Blue Lagoon, a famed geothermal spring.

We are happy to say that we have found some amazing hotels and an Icelandic cuisine that deserves a special mention for its creativity and high quality! Attention coffee connoisseurs - this is high competition to Italy - we never had a bad coffee anywhere!


The first three nights we stay in the Siglufjord and our hotel is built into a fisherman's marina. All rooms have wonderful views of the surrounding mountains and quaint town of Siglufjordur. Enthusiastic chefs at the hotel's restaurant have some culinary surprises in store for us.

We spend 3 nights in our hotel at Lake Mývatn which blends well into the landscape and the grass roof does not destract from the unique views of the lake and the river Laxá. From the hotel's restaurant we can admire the beauty of the surroundings.

Seydisfjordur is one of our favourite places in Iceland. The pretty village lies in a deep cleft between high snow-covered mountains and is famous for its 19th century wooden houses.

We spend 2 nights at our hotel which consists of three separate houses and is full of character and atmosphere.

The next 2 nights are spent at the Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon in Hnapavellir. The view from the hotel is spectacular, over green pastures, moors, mountains and glaciers.

Less than an hour's drive from the hustle and bustle of Reykjavík and set against a backdrop of majestic mountainous lava fields, the last 3 nights are spent in a Luxury Adventure Hotel. Its location by the "Golden Circle" route makes it the perfect base for our walks. It has an awesome Lava Spa, an execellent restaurant and an award-winning Northern Lights bar with amazing views of the magnificent landscape that stretches out to the horizon.

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2024 tour price
  Tour   Iceland Explorer [14 days]
  Begins   27 July 2024 | Reykjavik, Iceland   Walking Tour Iceland
  Ends   09 August 2024 | Reykjavik, Iceland   Walking Tour Iceland
  Price   AUD $12,965

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2025 tour price
  Tour   Iceland Explorer [14 days]
  Begins   29 July 2025 | Reykjavik, Iceland   Walking Tour Iceland
  Ends   11 August 2025 | Reykjavik, Iceland   Walking Tour Iceland
  Price   AUD TBC

Feedback from previous guests

Guided Walking Holidays Iceland is such a magical and beautiful place, so unique in so many every way and so different to anywhere I have travelled. After finishing my 2nd WGA walk a few weeks earlier with Graeme and Nina in Norway, I definitely was not sure what to expect of Iceland. I was totally blown away with all our walks and hikes, the ruggedness of the countryside, the remoteness between places, the lava fields, the craters, the geysers, the lagoons, the volcanoes, the thermal baths, fauna and flora, black beaches, walking on the glaciers with crampons on, the floating icebergs, pounding waterfalls, wildlife (especially seeing the Puffins) and much more. Sadly, we didn't experience the Whale Watching on this occasion, because Iceland weather Gods turned on its EXTREME rugged stormy weather conditions for us, but alternative plans were thrown into place. But that's Iceland - 5 or more seasons in one day and so wonderful to had experience it. We had such a lovely group of 9 people along with Gabriella and Ragna as our driver and guides and everyone was very supportive and encouraging to each other if on difficult walks. Also, WGA used local guides who are very interesting and knowledgeable and passionate of their area. We had wonderful accommodation in beautiful isolated locations, or very small towns, as usual WGA excels on the local cuisine and it is definitely a gourmet food trip. Our group was all into the photography side of things, so lots of unplanned stops were made. I would definitely recommend this walk. I had the best time."
Lyn from Dingley Village, VIC, Australia [2019]
Guided Walking Holidays Iceland was everything we anticipated, only much more. Under mostly sunny skies we saw all the ruggedness and beauty of this amazing country. From majestic waterfalls to fumaroles, bubbling pools of mud to black beaches, this island has it all. To experience walking on a glacier in crampons and carrying an ice axe, was certainly a first. Our accommodations were all of a high standard and the meals were very welcome after a day's walking. Special mention must be made of Ragnor, our Icelandic guide, who was not only very professional but great fun and Gabriela went out of her way to collect us from far away when our flight was delayed. We highly recommend this WGA tour."
Sue and Ed from Orange NSW, Australia [2019]
Guided Walking Holidays I had a really great time on this trip and positively LOVED Iceland. The landscape was truely amazing and the guiding was the best i have experienced. I loved the variety in the walks and the pace. My group was friendly and supportive and fun... the accommodation was just gorgeous and overall it was a really good trip. Having local guides made the trip unique and the leadership by Gabriella and Ragna was consistently present and switched on."
Julie from Sydney NSW, Australia [2019]
Guided Walking Holidays It was a wonderful two week hike. For me, it was one of the best ever. Iceland is unique. The landscape is just so beautiful, varied and dynamic. The history and culture is so fascinating. Of course the country has become a Mecca for international tourists but, thanks to the planning and experience of WGA, our group hiked relatively deserted trails except for just a few hours within the two week hike. Throughout the tour we were guided by local Icelanders who had a profound knowledge of the landscape, history and culture. They were outstanding. They were always interesting, responsive to the interests of the group and good fun to be with. Thank you WGA, I had a wonderful holiday."
Keith from Indooroopilly QLD, Australia [2019]
Guided Walking Holidays Iceland is amazing and Gabriela and Ragnar were wonderful guides. This was our 3rd Walkabout tour and we are always impressed. The variety in geography, geology, fauna and flora was totally unexpected and really surprised us as we thought it would be similar to Norway - you need to do both tours! Everything form icecaps to glaciers to volcanos to thermal baths to geysers to lunar landscapes to picturesque fjords and villages - the list goes on. As usual, the logistics were well done and the Hotels and food were very local and of a high standard."
Gavin & Jenny from Camp Mountain, QLD, Australia [2019]
Guided Walking Holidays Fantastic trip around Iceland with a great tour company and fellow travellers. Great accommodation and plenty of things to see and do."
Desma from Canberra ACT, Australia [2018]
Guided Walking HolidaysAnother adventure in an amazing place thanks to Walkabout. Iceland is the land of extremes. From beautiful snow caped mountains, glaciers, floating icebergs, icy waterfalls to old volcanoes, old lava flows, steam and hot water coming from the ground and bubbling pools of mud, we saw it all. Our walks took us through, over and past all of these natural elements of this incredibly beautiful country. Gabriella and Callum looked after us during our adventure making sure we visited all these interesting places. The local guides were very informative with lots of knowledge to pass on to us all. A very enjoyable adventure."
John & Cheryl from Hervey Bay QLD, Australia [2018]
Guided Walking HolidaysWhat a country - so many beautiful locations offering a smorgasbord of photographic opportunities - we enjoyed the scenic "degustation menu" on offer. The local guides were excellent and we learnt a lot from them, particularly how the various amazing landscapes were formed."
Geoff from Melbourne, VIC, Australia [2018]
Guided Walking Holidays Iceland is a country of stark and beautiful landscapes and the opportunity to complete diverse walks with knowledgeable guides was a memorable immersive experience. This is the first time we have done a fully guided tour and we enjoyed the companionship of our small group of likeminded Australians. Best of all Gabriella's passion for travel was inspiring. With the assistance of Callum, the various weather, injury and dietary challenges were met with a can-do attitude and enthusiasm ensuring we all had a fantastic experience."
Peter & Wendy from Canberra, ACT, Australia [2018]
Guided Walking Holidays Iceland is full of amazing landscapes - thundering waterfalls, steaming (and stinking) geothermal areas, tiny communities sandwiched between cliffs and fjords, beautiful glaciers and more. We loved the hikes over ridges and down green misty valleys, alongside old lava flows and through 'Game of Thrones territory'. And puffins are impossibly cute! It was great to hike again with Graeme and Pascal and the local guides who joined us were also terrific. Another first class experience with Walkabout."
Jane from Canberra, ACT, Australia [2017]
Guided Walking HolidaysThank you for another amazing walkabout adventure in the land of fire and ice. Iceland has it all spectacular scenery, friendly locals, delicious food and the northern lights which we were so lucky to experience. As always our Walkabout guides Gabriela and Pascal worked tirelessly to accomadate everyone... Thank you"
Gary & Sandra from Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia [2017]
Guided Walking HolidaysThis was an excellent round trip of Iceland, with experiences of the vast grasslands, lava and volcanic areas, impressive waterfalls, ice and the beautiful coastline. Plus we had the unexpected bonus of the Northern Lights twice. Staying in quaint little towns, such as Siglufjordur and Seydisfjordur was fantastic. The walks were very good, particularly over the pass from Siglufjordur on a glorious sunny day. The local guides were excellent and their local knowledge, including the folk-lore greatly enhanced the joy and value of the trip."
Graeme from Shepparton, VIC, Australia [2017]
Guided Walking HolidaysIceland was a revelation, in lava! We enjoyed a wonderful holiday, easy walking and a great group with whom to do it. Graeme and Pascal and our local guides, fonts of useful information, kindness and charm."
Anne from Brisbane QLD, Australia [2017]
Guided Walking HolidaysTo put it in a nutshell - it was just great! Iceland is such an interesting country, and once again Graeme ensured we had a fabulous time. We were with a fabulous group which made it even better. The landscape is so diverse - from volcanoes to glaciers, with a few sheep grazing in between (where possible). From green fields, snow covered mountains to moonscapes - just an amazing country. The walks were interesting and the local guides really made our time with them informative and enjoyable. We have enjoyed all our Walkabout tours - but I think this one tops them all. Thank you so much Graeme and Gabriela (and Trish)."
Christine from Brisbane QLD, Australia [2017]
Guided Walking HolidaysThe holiday was Great. There were new vista's around every turn. The local guides were helpful,knowledgeable friendly and patient. They led us with the skill expected. The walks were great and allowed us to explore all the facets of the Island - from glaciers to volcanoes to hills and lakes. The accommodation was also good and generally well positioned. The drives between locations was long in some instances but the magnificent changing scenery more than compensated for this. Our Walkabout guides were once again exceptional."
Tony from Sydney NSW, Australia [2016]
Guided Walking HolidaysAn interesting experience getting to see and feel the whole country. A country with such a wide variety of scenery. Volcanos, glaciers, thermal activity. Such a wide variety of country landscapes and ever changing scenery. A country well worth a visit."
Graham from Sydney NSW, Australia [2016]
Guided Walking HolidaysIt was a wonderful and memorable trip. A little fine tuning is needed. Highlight for me was that we really only spent 1 day on the "tourist trail". Thank you Graeme and Gabriella for all that driving, all that organizing, and all that puffin hunting!"
John from Bundaberg, QLD, Australia [2016]

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