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Walking Tour Fethiye Turkey
17 days walking tour A Mediterranean Odyssey  new tour


Walking and Sailing holiday from Istanbul to Antalya

Our walk begins in Istanbul, the only city in the world, which embraces two continents, one arm reaching out into Asia, the other into Europe.

The museums, churches, palaces, mosques, bazaars and the sight of natural beauty seem inexhaustible. As you recline on the shores of the Bosporus at sunset contemplating the red evening light reflected in the windows and on the slender minarets on the opposite shore, you understand why so many centuries ago settlers chose to build on this remarkable site.

Formerly known as Constantinople, the vibrant centre of the old Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, Istanbul is a chaotic mixture of cultures, history and architecture.

We leave the city along the shoreline of the Marmara Sea and visit Gallipoli. From here we continue south and visit ancient Troy, a 5,000 years old legend, the archaeological ruins of Ephesus and the rock pools of Pamukkale.

The shores along the Aegean region are among the loveliest landscapes in the country. The magnificent coastline, lapped by the clear water of the Aegean Sea, is abundant with vast and pristine beaches, surrounded by olive groves, rocky crags and pinewoods.

We trek in the most beautiful coastal area of the Turkish Mediterranean. Known to the ancients as Lycia, this fabled coast of clear turquoise blue water is rich with archaeological sites. Fragrant pine forests tumble down a slope to end abruptly in red cliff secret coves and sandy beaches. We visit splendid Greco - Roman ruins of the Lycian period: Caunos, Letoon, Pinara and Xanthos before we… to be continued.

Our Hotels and Cuisine

On our one night in Canakkale, our hotel is only a stone's throw away from the ferry that crosses the Dardanelles strait and is surrounded by boutiques and restaurants. The next three nights we stay in Selcuk in a vineyard, which is in an idyllic location.

We spend one night in Pamukkale, at the foot of the snow-white "travertines". Our new hotel has a fantastic spa centre - a Turkish bath with marble and tiles from Kutahya, sauna, jacuzzi and several swimming pools.

Our hotel in Dalyan is right on the banks of the Calbis River and only 3 minutes from the town centre. During our two-night stay you can enjoy the lovely pool, Turkish bath or even a massage.

On our two-night stay in Fethiye our hotel offers magnificent views across the bay and is very centrally located. It also has a Turkish bath house and a Finnish sauna. The next two nights are in Kas where our hotel is close to the beach and the Amphitheatre.

On our way to Cappadocia we spend one night in a stylish 200-year-old restored hotel with views of the Mevlana Museum, which is just a minute's walk away. Set in a landscape of fairy chimneys, the next 4 nights we stay in a unique cave hotel, which is carved into a mountain cliff. Situated in the heart of town, it has luxurious cave rooms. Located at the foot of the Ortahisar Castle, whose natural beauty has been preserved over time, traditional culture remains a way of life.

The Turkish cuisine is one of the greatest cuisines in the world. While influencing plenty of other cuisines in the countries the Ottoman Empire formerly occupied, the Turkish cuisine reflects the country's history. The varied climate allows for almost everything to be grown within the country. Contrary to what you might have experienced, Turkish cuisine is not spicy, except for the Southern part of the country, which has a strong Middle Eastern influence. Lamb used to be the most important meat eaten, but now it's too expensive. The eggplant remains the most popular vegetable, enjoyed in various forms. Turks don't eat pork, because of their religion. But we find beef, lamb, fish and poultry in a lot of dishes, although the vegetarian specialties are incredible! There are also many excellent local wines.

The dinners during our 17 days will either be in our hotels or in cosy, small local restaurants. Here we can discover one of the greatest cuisines in the world

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2023 tour price
  Tour   A Mediterranean Odyssey [17 days]
  Begins   30 September 2023 | Istanbul, Turkey   Walking Tour Turkey
  Ends   16 October 2023 | Fethiye, Turkey   Walking Tour Turkey
  Price   AUD 9,100

Feedback from previous guests

Guided Walking HolidaysAn excellent itinerary and interesting hotels. Fatih grew in stature as a guide during the tour and was excellent company along with our accomplished driver. Turkey is an interesting country to visit and walk in. There was no sense of security threat and I venture to suggest that going to Brazil would be a lot riskier."
Jeff from Sydney, NSW, Australia [2016]
Guided Walking HolidaysWhat a great trip! It was loaded with history and beautiful scenery. A great start was the afternoon at Gallipoli, in particular setting the context of Australians in Turkey with the moving quote from Attaturk. Our wonderful guide Fatih took us to wonderful places of ancient, Greek and Roman history as well as places of 20th century significance. The walks were beautiful and the food and accommodation was extremely good. Fatih and our driver Ozkan made the trip particularly special. Fatih's commentary on Turkish history, current affairs and each locality were terrific. Meeting Fatih's family was a bonus, and typical of Turkish hospitality and generosity. Highly recommended!"
Julie from Wollongong, NSW, Australia [2016]
Guided Walking HolidaysThis trip covered a huge range of experiences - Istanbul (fantastic) / Gallipoli / splendid historical ruins / great geographical sights / reasonable to good food & wine / some good challenging walks & nature experiences. The accommodation was of good to very acceptable standard right throughout. The Turkish bus driver and guide were both fantastic and could not have been more helpful, they made the trip very relaxed for all guests. The midsized bus (~30 seats) was very ample for the number of people on board; air conditioning was very welcome as was the always available water. There were some great 'add-ons' - e.g. rural cooking class, boat trips, Istanbul 'must sees'. And the vast majority of the Roman ruins were particularly spectacular, especially Ephesus & Aphrodisiac. But not Troy. I anticipate this tour will be further fine-tuned and future versions will be improved even further. I am already recommending this tour to others now that I have returned home."
Denis, St Leonards, NSW, Australia [2014]
Guided Walking HolidaysThe warmth and friendliness of the Turkish people everywhere made this such a memorable walk. Knowledgeable guides, cooks providing hands on help, head-scarfed farmer's wives scurrying across the fields to sell us their handicrafts, gifts of home-made marmalade and even the iman's ever present calls to prayer were all welcomed as part of the enriching blend of rural Antolian culture. Dramatic olive covered rocky crags, intensively farmed fertile valleys, turquoise coloured seas with marble ruins everywhere, show how long these parts of Turkey have been settled by wealthy civilizations that have shaped both European and Western Asian history."
Euan, Adelaide, SA, Australia [2014]

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Settlement of Kayakoy in Turkey


ntering the ancient city of Hierapolis near Pamukkale in Turkey


Ancient Rock Tombe in Fethiye Turkey


Lycian Tomb in Turkey


Oezkan and Janie on the way to the Blue Lagoon Turkey


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