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Our philosophy is simple - to get out of the cities and into the countryside where you can discover the charm and beauty of the italian regions such as Lazio, Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Piedmont, Sardinia, Amalfi Coast, the Dolomites, Sicily, Umbria and the italian riviera. Walking with a small, like minded group is the best way to explore them. It is important to have time to "smell the roses", not to rush through but to soak up the atmosphere. We are great believers that the journey is what matters, not the destination! All our holidays in Italy are guided - we are not there to overload you with facts and figures but discreetly share with you the wonderful places we have discovered during our "journey".

 Guided Walking Holidays in Italy



La Dolce Vita La Dolce Vita
Sicily and the Aeolian Islands
April 15 days
From the Mountains to Mediterranean From the Mountains to Mediterranean
Sardinia & Corsica
April 14 days
Follow the Gourmet Trail The Gourmet Trail revisited
Piedmont, Cinque Terre, Tuscany and Lazio
May 15 days
When in Rome tour When in Rome...
Eternal Rome city's secrets
May 5 days
Epicurean walk in Italy Epicurean walk through Italy
Amalfi Coast, Gargano Promontory, Abruzzo Mountains, Monte Sibillini and Umbria
June 16 days
Walk to the Stars Gems of the Riviera
Ligurian Coast, Cinque Terre and the French Riviera
Aug. 14 days
Italian Lakes Italian Lakes
Lago Maggiore, Lago di Como & Lago di Garda
Sept. 14 days
The Romantic Path The Romantic Path
Austrian Lakes District, the Leutasch Valley and the Dolomites
Sept. 14 days
Flavours of Italy Piedmont Discover the Piedmont
Cooking & Walking in Alba, Barolo and Barbaresco


7 days

Holiday walking tours


About gourmet food and wine in Italy

Italy is renowned for its gourmet food and fine wine culture, which has been developed over centuries of culinary tradition and innovation. The country's regional specialties reflect the diversity of its landscape and history, offering a range of flavors and textures that have become synonymous with Italian cuisine. Examples include dishes like risotto alla milanese, a creamy rice dish with saffron, and pasta alla carbonara, a dish of spaghetti with eggs, cheese, and bacon. Italian cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano and gorgonzola are famous worldwide for their rich flavors and textures, and Italian cured meats like prosciutto and salami are a staple of charcuterie boards around the world. And of course, no visit to Italy would be complete without indulging in pizza or gelato. Italy is also known for its fine wines, with regions like Tuscany, Piedmont, and Veneto producing some of the world's most prestigious wines. Tuscany is known for its full-bodied Chianti wines, while Piedmont produces elegant, complex Barolo wines made from the nebbiolo grape. Veneto is known for its sparkling Prosecco wine, which has become popular worldwide. Overall, Italian gourmet food and fine wine culture are intertwined, with each complementing the other to create a sensory experience that reflects the country's rich culinary heritage.