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Dear walkers and friends,

Time for a walkabout update again!

Graeme has been occupied with our exciting new Australian holidays, while Gabriela has been diligently organising our overseas tours, which have resumed smoothly after the disruptions caused by Covid.



Enchanting South West WA

We had 2 lovely trips again to South West WA in April and May - this was our third year to the west and like our previous trips the amazing scenery and hospitality of our hotels and restaurants didn't disappoint.

Our guests never cease to be amazed at not only the beautiful scenery but also the impressive infrastructure which this part of WA has built up - the roads, walking trails and facilities are all first class.

Autumn is a wonderful time to visit - normally dry and cool for walking and at night fresh enough to have our pre-dinner drinks around a nice log fire. We shall again be operating our walks at the same time next year - numbers are restricted to 10 guests so both tours are already filling up quickly.

Guided Walking Holidays An absolutely wonderful experience with our friends exploring the many beautiful coastal and bushland walks, visiting some of Australia's best wineries and as well, learning the history from a part of Australia that many of us wouldn't know about unless you were to actually visit. Thank you to Graeme and Angie who were a lot of fun and looked after us so magnificently."
Harry from Bairnsdale, Australia [2023]
Best of the West Best of the West   Walking Tour Australia 
13-day Walking tour in South West WA, Albany, Bibbulmun Track, Cape to Cape, Margaret River, Australia.


  29 April | Perth WA, Australia


  13 May | Perth WA, Australia


Flinders Island Gourmet Retreat

Once again in May we made our way across the Bass Strait to Flinders Island for a second time. Wendy, at Flinders Island Gourmet Retreat, spoiled us again with her superb hospitality and delicious meals.

The coastal scenery on the island is pretty hard to beat and its colourful history is fascinating - we were lucky enough to visit the Furneaux Museum at Emita on the last day of their "Flying by the seat of their pants" exhibition; a captivating display of aviation in Bass Strait between 1919-1939. Don't miss out on our tour for next year - only 4 spots left!

Guided Walking HolidaysMy introduction to the wonders of Flinders Island was an interesting experience. The accommodation had a warm and homely atmosphere. Delicious meals from breakfast to dinner using local produce. Home baked bread, cakes and cookies too. The walks & company were great."
Judith from Camberwell, Australia [2023]

Flinders Island, Tasmania Flinders Island   Walking Tour Australia
7-day Walking tour on Flinders Island, Bass Strait, Tasmania, Australia.
2024   27 May | Whitemark, Tasmania, Australia

Lamington NP's Birding Paradise in Queensland

Once again June proved to be the perfect time to escape the cool weather in the south by visiting magnificent Lamington National Park. It is located in the hinterland behind the Gold Coast and is a classified World Heritage Area. This is certainly one of our most relaxing tours - each morning after breakfast we simply walk out the door and we are on our way.

Lamington is renowned worldwide for its extraordinary birdlife - there was a reason why David Attenborough and his team of naturalists chose the park for their documentary series "Life on Earth"! Our pre-breakfast morning bird walks are an opportunity to see birds which we often hear but rarely see - for example, the Eastern Whipbird.

I'm sure no one will ever forget the eerie call of the Green Catbird - perhaps more reminiscent of a crying baby than a cat! We were also lucky enough to see an Albert's Lyrebird on our final walk of our last tour - patience is a virtue! Next year's three Lamington walks will be at the same time in June.

Guided Walking HolidaysA most enjoyable trip! Lovely accommodation and food; spectacular views from our room. Our leader, Graeme, was very experienced and well informed about the Lamington region. He had a gentle manner that allowed him to engage easily with all members of the group, providing support and guidance when required to ensure that all went smoothly."
Cheryl from Melbourne, Australia [2023]

Lamington National Park Lamington National Park   Walking Tour Australia
5-day Walking tour in the Lamington National Park, Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia.
2024   09 June | Gold Coast QLD, Australia
    16 June | Gold Coast QLD, Australia
    23 June | Gold Coast QLD, Australia

walking tour dates

Bibbulmun Track

gourmet Bibbulmun Track, Albany

Cape to Cape Walk Margaret River

gourmet Cape to Cape, Margaret River

Forest Hill Vineyard

gourmet Ajar Restaurant, Denmark

Castle Rock at Flinder Island

gourmet Castle Rock at Flinder Island

Strzelecki National Park
gourmet Strzelecki National Park

Wendy at Comoma House

gourmet Wendy at Cooma House


gourmet Sunset from O'Reilly's

Lost World Spa Lamington

gourmet Lost World Spa Lamington


Picnic Rock Lamington

gourmet Picnic Rock Lamington

Wendy at Comoma House

gourmet Gondwana Rainforest

Cricumnavigatin Monte Cofano Sicily

Western Europe 


It has been a busy spring in Europe and Japan, and we are excited to share our recent adventures with you.

Hidden Gems of Spain & Portugal

In Andalusia, we immersed ourselves in the dreamy ambiance of the Alhambra, hiked through the majestic Sierra Nevada, walked along rugged trails and traversed verdant valleys in the Sierras of Ronda and Grazalema. We indulged in the rhythmic melodies of flamenco in Sevilla and enjoyed a delicious Easter lunch at the beautiful beach in Bolonia, next to the well-preserved Roman archeological site of Baelo Claudia.

Crossing the border into Portugal, we explored the sun-kissed Algarve with its golden beaches and walked along the rugged coastline. In Lisbon, we strolled through the narrow cobblestone streets of Alfama, listened to fado music, and savoured Portuguese cuisine. We walked in the breathtaking Douro Valley, where terraced vineyards and world-class wines awaited us. Our journey ended in the picturesque city of Porto.

There has already been a lot of interest in this tour for 2024, so don't miss out to reserve your spot and embark on this inspiring journey, contact us if you are interested in the pre-departure notes.

Guided Walking HolidaysThe Pilgrim's Way is a completely different way to see and understand northern Spain. Apart from the magnificent scenery and fantastic location - the Paradors of Spain have to be experienced to be believed! - walking the Pilgrim's Way and having the opportunity to visit places like Leon, Burgos and Santiago de Compostela, as well as the villages along the way, gave me a whole new insight into part of Spain's history. Ainhoa in France and the Hotel Ithurria were also fabulous as our starting point. Even though it's been 10 years since I travelled (through Italy) with Walkabout Gourmet, WGA has lost none of its expertise in organisation, support, great company and showing off some of Europe's finest in terms of food, wine, walking trails, and places to stay. I've already been checking out the brochure for my next WG trip!"
Lorne from Orange NSW, Australia
Spain Portugal A Journey back in Time    Walking Tour Spain   Walking Tour Portugal18-day Walking Tour in Portugal and Spain, through the Douro Valley, Algarve and Andalusia.


  01 April | Granada, Spain

Sicily unveiled: Ancient Temples & Volcanic Isles

After Andalusia and Portugal, we embarked on a captivating journey through Sicily. We immersed ourselves in the island's history by admiring the remarkably preserved Greek temples of Selinunte and Segesta.

We hiked along Monte Cofano and the Zingaro Nature Reserves, then ventured into the magnificent Madonie Regional Natural Park. It is home to ancient forests, charming villages, like our base in Petralia Sottana and awe-inspiring peaks like Pizzo Carbonara, which we climbed. A unique experience was also our hike up Mount Etna, Europe's tallest active volcano where we could witness its lunar-like landscapes.

We explored the enchanting Aeolian Islands, a volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea. These seven unique islands are a paradise for nature enthusiasts, with the active volcano Stromboli providing captivating lava fireworks display at night. We stayed on Lipari, the largest island, and discovered the dramatic cliffs and secluded coves of glamorous Panarea. We also hiked up Vulcano's Gran Cratere, witnessing sulphur vents and steaming fumaroles.

The islands' delightful treats include mouthwatering gelato and granita, perfect for the Mediterranean heat.

We spent our last 4 nights in Ortigia, the historical heart of Syracuse, exploring its Baroque architecture and bustling markets. Syracuse offers an archaeological park with a Greek Theatre, still used for performances today.

Sicilian cuisine is a tantalising fusion of flavours influenced by Greeks, Arabs, and Normans. We indulged in arancini, pasta alla Norma, and cannoli. The culinary symphony of delicious wines and fresh seafood, such as swordfish, sardines, and red prawns, left us craving for more.

Prepare for an extraordinary exploration of Sicily's wonders on our Dolce Vita walk next year.

Guided Walking HolidaysAnnie and I want to thank You and Helmut for a great walk. We really covered the "hotspots" of Sicily very well plus the walks were great. We were remarkably lucky with the weather as well. We thought the group was wonderful as well. Now we have to decide on walk No. 11!
John & Annie, Adelaide, South Australia [2023]
Sicily La Dolce Vita    Walking Tour Italy15-day Walking tour in Sicily and the Aeolian Islands.
2024   28 April | Palermo, Sicily, Italy


Epicurean walk through Italian Landscapes, Cuisine & Culture

Lastly, we explored the beauty of Italy on our Epicurean walk - combining breathtaking landscapes, thrilling hikes, mouthwatering culinary delights, and rich cultural experiences.

Our journey started in Sorrento, exploring the renowned Amalfi Coast with its dramatic cliffs, charming towns, and crystal-clear waters. We hiked the Path of the Gods, indulged in seafood and limoncello, and visited Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, and Capri.

Next, we ventured to the enchanting Gargano Peninsula in Puglia, a coastal paradise of rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, and ancient forests. We hiked through the stunning Forest Umbra, discovered hidden coves, and enjoyed Vieste's mediaeval charm as well as a delicious cuisine. We also visited the ancient sanctuary of Monte Sant' Angelo and walked up to Monte Sacro. A special highlight was our dinner on a traditional Trabucco with its fishing platform.

Leaving the coast behind, we explored the untamed beauty of the Abruzzo Mountains, traversing the Meta Range. We hiked through forests, meadows, and rocky terrains, and visited the Madonna di Monte Tranquillo in Abruzzo National Park. In Umbria, from our base in Norcia, we travelled to Castellucchio in the Monti Sibillini National Park. The park dazzled us with its vibrant display of wildflowers, including gentians, orchids, lilies, and poppies, creating a picturesque landscape.

Save the date for our next Epicurean walk, join us for this incredible journey filled with natural wonders, delicious cuisine and cultural discoveries.


Guided Walking HolidaysWe especially loved the sections of the holiday spent around Sorrento, on the Amalfi Coast and around Norcia and the mountains. The accommodation was excellent as well as the local scenery and attractions."
Deirdre from Adelaide, SA Australia
Italy Epicurean walk through italy    Walking Tour Italy16-day Walking Tour in Italy along the Amalfi Coast, the Gargano Promontory, Abruzzo Mountains, Monte Sibillini National Park and Umbria.


  08 June | Sorrento, Italy

Duoro River Portugal

gourmet Duoro River Portugal

Vintage House Douro Valley

gourmet The Nasrid Palace, Alhambra

Sagres Algarve, Portugal

gourmet Lunch at Paradors Granada

Sierra de Ronda Andalusia

gourmet Sierra de Ronda, Andalusia

Mount Etna

gourmet Mount Etna

Greek Temple Selinunte

gourmet Greek Temple, Selinunte

Monte Carbonara

gourmet Zingaro Nature Reserve

Monte Cofano

gourmet Panarea Eolian Islands

Peschici Gargano Puglia, Italy

gourmet Monte Meta, Abruzzo NP

Arco Naturale Capri Italy

gourmet Arco Naturale Capri, Italy

The Amalfi coast Italy

gourmet Walk of the gods, Amalfi coast

Trabucco San Nicola, Peschici

gourmet Trabucco San Nicola, Peschici

The Golden Pavillion Kyoto Japan

East Asia





Discovering Japan's Wonders

After researching this holiday in 2019, Gabriela was thrilled to be able to finally take our first walking group to Japan in May.

Together with our fantastic local guide, we discovered the wonders of Japan - a true hiking and culinary journey. We walked the historic Nakasendo Trail, once connecting Kyoto and Tokyo, passing through charming towns, verdant valleys, and traditional post towns. We learned about Japan's feudal history and cultural heritage, encountering ancient temples, serene gardens, and traditional villages along the way.

We immersed ourselves in Kyoto's cultural heart, visiting temples and shrines. We experienced the beauty of the Golden Pavilion and the tranquillity of the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. We also participated in a tea ceremony at a serene Buddah temple. We indulged in the refined elegance of kaiseki cuisine, savouring a multi-course meal highlighting seasonal ingredients and harmonising flavours. We explored the bustling food markets like Nishiki Market and tasted street food delights like takoyaki in Osaka.

We experienced the warmth of Japanese hospitality with a traditional ryokan stay, relaxing in onsens and enjoying kaiseki meals. We unleashed our inner chef in a countryside cooking workshop, learning to create exquisite delicacies.

Join us on this unforgettable journey in October this year or plan ahead for 2024 then starting with our new 18-day tour in May and October. Don't miss this chance to experience the contrasts of Japan.
Guided Walking HolidaysThis was a fantastic trip. Our guide's knowledge of Japanese culture and history added immensely to my understanding of the country. The days varied, both in walking difficulty, scenic appeal and cultural experience. Both Penign and Gabriella were kind, considerate, and encouraging."
Sue from Ohakune, New Zealand [2023]
Walking Tour Japan The Spirit of Japan    Walking Tour JapanWalking Tour in Japan from Tokyo to Hiroshima


  25 October | Tokyo, Japan [16 days]
2024   10 May | Tokyo, Japan [18 days]
    19 October | Tokyo, Japan [18 days]

Itsukushima Shrine Miyajima

gourmet Itsukushima Shrine Miyajima

Yakitori, Tokyo

gourmet Okonomiyaki pancake, Hiroshima

Nakasendo Trail

gourmet Snowmonkey, Kamikochi Valley

Gold coated matcha ice cream

gourmet Gourmet food on Miyajima island

Eze France

Upcoming Tours in 2023



We are thrilled that our European vacations have resumed smoothly post-Covid disruptions.


France Italy: Breathtaking Ligurian Coast & Cote d'Azur

Limited spots are available for our amazing Walk to the Stars tour. Immerse yourself in the peaceful countryside surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, experiencing the captivating beauty of the Ligurian Coast.

We discover charming coastal towns and rugged cliffs, azure waters, and a serene ambiance. During our 5-night stay in Sestri Levante we hike to the awe-inspiring Punta Manara for panoramic views of the Ligurian Sea. We explore Santa Margherita and walk to the picturesque harbour town of Portofino with its pastel-coloured buildings and mediaeval castle.

We also visit the fishing village of Camogli and make a trip to San Fruttuoso, home to the renowned monastery with its beautiful beach. We indulge in the region's seafood delicacies and savour Ligurian wines. Excitingly, we have added a new walk to the program allowing us to explore the captivating coastal region of Cinque Terre.

Experience breathtaking panoramic views and stunning coastline as we walk on a delightful and less crowded trail from Manarola to Volastra. Additionally, two delightful walks in the Ligurian hinterland will take us to the charming village of Borgomaro before crossing the border into France and entering the renowned Cote d'Azur.

From our base in Villefranche we embark on a scenic walk to Cap Ferrat, where we discover the magnificent Villa Ephrussi. We conclude our circuit with a breathtaking coastal walk. We explore picturesque towns like Menton and Eze before finally reaching the glamorous St Tropez.

Here we embark on another captivating coastal walk and embrace the enchanting atmosphere of the town. As the sun sets, we return to St Tropez, savouring the delights of its cosy restaurants which offer the perfect ambiance to end your day.
Guided Walking HolidaysLiguria boasts some of the best food in Italy - including pesto Genovese, minestrone and focaccia. Because Liguria is on the coast, seafood and fish are a big part of the diet. Provence-Cote d'Azur has a rich blue Mediterranean coastline and delicious sunshine food like tapenade, omelette aux truffes, Ratatouille, Aioli, Tarte Tropezienne or Fromage de Chevre."
Angela, Carlton, VIC, Australia [2015]
Walk to the Stars Walk to the stars    Walking Tour France    Walking Tour Italy14-day Walking tour through Italian & French Riviera.
2023   29 August | Aix-en-Provence, France

France Germany: Champagne, Alsace & the Black Forest

Graeme is thrilled to be running some of his favourite European tours again. In September there are still a few spaces available on the Taste of Europe holiday.

Discover the charming Champagne region of France – wander through rows of Champagne vines as we learn about the history of arguably the best marketed wine in the world. We then visit the Alsace region of France with their famous white wines growing just below the magnificent Vosges Mountains complete with fairytale castles and monasteries.

Crossing over into Germany we spend 5 days strolling through the Black Forest with its pristine mountain streams and quaint villages and picturesque farm houses before finishing in Munich.
Guided Walking HolidaysThis adventure exceeded my expectation! Walkabout Gourmet has created a winning combination of sensational food, wonderful wine, exceptional venues and the opportunity to see and explore places not found along the usual tourist trails. I would now have no hesitation to travel solo after experiencing the inclusive and welcoming nature of the guides and my fellow adventurers. Despite Graeme's love of ascents and reluctance to take the most direct route, so as to not miss any of the exceptional vistas we experienced, we were gently guided to the finish line each day to be rewarded with a fabulous meal, a glass or two of wine and a comfy bed knowing that there was more to see the following day."
Joanna from Sydney NSW, Australia
Taste of Europe Taste of Europe    Walking Tour France    Walking Tour Italy14-day Walking Tour in France and Germany, Black Forest, Alsace and Champagne.
2023   08 September | Lyon, France
2024   24 September | Luzern, Switzerland

African Safari Adventure is calling

Graeme is very excited to be finally heading back to Africa again in October. Our African Safari will begin in Namibia, home to some of Africa's most outstanding game parks - seeing these great African animals up close is something our guests never forget. It's not only the wildlife which leave their mark - the African people themselves also leave a huge impression - their smiling faces and their kindness are traits you will always remember. Botswana is also a haven for wildlife - here we have the opportunity to see the magnificent hippos in their natural habitat. We are finishing our safari at the famous Victoria Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world.

We still have 3 spaces left so don't miss your opportunity to experience these three jewels of Southern Africa.

Guided Walking HolidaysAnother great trip from WGA, really enjoyed my travels in Namibia, along the sometimes long and dusty roads seeing and experiencing the real Namibia. Some great animal viewing thanks to our wonderful guide Norbert along with amazing African sunsets almost every night. Seeing and visiting happy children that don't have much in their schools and villages, lunch under at tree in the middle of somewhere, happy faces and smiles everywhere we went, swimming pools with great views over plains and where elephants and giraffes drink and roam. As our guide summed up on his t-shirt that he gets for himself every trip - there's more to Africa than just the animals. Thanks Graeme for another memorable trip."
Judy from Sydney NSW, Australia
Walk to the Stars African Walkabout    Walking Tour South Africa   Walking Tour South Africa   Walking Tour South Africa22-day Safari Holiday from Windhoek in Namibia to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.
2023   14 October | Windhoek, Namibia
2024   15 October | Windhoek, Namibia

Sestri Levante Liguria

gourmet Sestri Levante, Liguria

Monte Aquarone

gourmet On the way to Monte Aquarone

Aperitivo in Sestri Levante Liguria

gourmet Aperitivo, Sestri Levante, Liguria

Portofino Italy

gourmet Camogli, Ligurian Coast

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

gourmet Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Alb Valley Black Forest

gourmet Alb Valley, Black Forest

Afternoon tea Black Forest

gourmetAfternoon tea, Black Forest

Obernai Alsace

gourmet Obernai, Alsace, France

Champagne tasting

gourmet Champagne tasting!

Sossusvlei Dunes Namibia

gourmet Sossusvlei Dunes Namibia

Rhino's grazing Namibia

gourmet Rhino's grazing, Namibia

Sossusvlei Namibia

gourmet Hippos' Chobe NP, Botswana

Travel Update Walking Tours

Walkabout "Private" Adventures




Walkabout Gourmet Adventures have been organising private trips now for many years.

They are available for groups of 8 or more guests on our advertised departures. This exclusive opportunity allows you to enjoy our tailor-made adventures with your friends, colleagues, social group or loved ones, ensuring a personalised and unforgettable experience.

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to embark on an extraordinary adventure with your hand picked group of travellers.

Take advantage of our private trips and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Guided Walking HolidaysWe had a private group of 9 and collectively we had a sensational trip. The walking and touring were absolute standouts, and we enjoyed our accommodation and terrific meals (and beverages) at night. Graeme and Angela were the best hosts we could have asked for and we loved having them join in with everything we did. I would strongly recommend this tour. The scenery and variety were some of the best experiences we have had.
Fred from Melbourne, Australia

Flat Rock, Northern Grampians

gourmet Celtic Way

gourmet Gourmet Lunch, Leeuwin Estate

Cape Leeuwin

gourmet Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia


Food and Wine Festivals Australia

Upcoming Festivals for Foodies

There are plenty of events in Australia from Food & Fine Wine Festivals to Gastronomy Expos throughout the year. These Events bring together Australian and world-renowned winemakers, chefs and industry insiders to entertain, educate and inspire, you may also visit farm gates and cellar doors, meet with local producers, attend degustation dinners, taste regional products or even attend cooking classes! We have put a list of local and overseas gourmet events together, here is what's coming near you:

gourmet 08/07

Fireside Yarra Valley [16 days]

Yarra Valley, VIC
gourmet 21/07

Brisbane French Festival [3 days]

Musgrave Park, QLD
gourmet 21/07

Perth Good Food & Wine Show [3 days]

Perth, WA
gourmet 28/07

Winter Reds Weekend [3 days]

Adelaide Hills, SA
gourmet 28/07 The Curated Plate [4 days] Sunshine Coast, QLD
gourmet 10/08

Taste Port Douglas [4 days]

Port Douglas, QLD
gourmet 19/08

Macarthur Food & Wine Festival [2 days]

Mount Annan, NSW


See all Gourmet events in Australia and Overseas for 2023

Bastille Day Festival, Brisbane

 walking tour Bastille Day Festival, Brisbane

Perth Good Food & WIne Show

 walking tour Perth Good Food & WIne Show

Travel Update Walking Tours

Charming stay in Provence




Experience the charm of Provence in our beautiful holiday apartments!

Discover the perfect holiday getaway in the heart of Forcalquier, a picturesque town in Upper Provence. Our collection of delightful apartments is now available for summer and autumn bookings. Whether you are seeking a romantic retreat, a family vacation, or a gathering with friends, we have the ideal accommodation for you.

Choose from our selection of two cosy one-bedroom apartments or opt for our spacious apartment with an adjoining bedroom, perfect for families. For larger groups, our apartments can be rented individually or combined to create a four-bedroom haven. We have hosted numerous large family gatherings, where loved ones come together to celebrate special occasions or reunite with children and grandchildren residing in Europe. Immerse yourself in the rich beauty of Provence as you explore the enchanting surroundings.

Our apartments serve as the ideal base for your adventures, allowing you to uncover the region's hidden gems and create lasting memories. Consider the allure of spending "Christmas in Provence" and experiencing the magic of a "White Christmas." Don't miss out and reserve your stay with us soon!

Guided Walking HolidaysWhat a perfect place to stay! Calm and cool with a gorgeous patio to sit under the vines. Incredibly comfortable bed with lovely linen sheets. The kitchen had everything we needed. Nastassja was so helpful and the check in and booking process was smooth and efficient. She went out of her way to make sure we had a perfect stay. The village is beautiful to walk around in and we recommend walking up to the citadel".
Gail from Adelaide, Australia

We are all looking forward to seeing you back on tour with us soon.

Safe travels and best wishes from,

Gabriela, Graeme and the Walkabout Team


Open Kitchen, Eleonore

gourmet Open kitchen & dining, Eleonore

Raquettes in Lure Mountain

gourmet Snow Shoeing in Lure Mountains

Open Kitchen, Eleonore

gourmetOur apartments' courtyard



gourmet Sign our Holiday guestbook!