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8 days walking tour A Winter Tale in iceland


Winter Walking Tour in Iceland

As the days are getting longer again, join us on our Winter Tale in Iceland. Snow and ice add new shapes to the landscape, making this winter paradise plain magic to experience. On our walks explore the stark beauty and soft light among frozen waterfalls and the overwhelming sweeping landscapes this region has to offer.

A dog sledding tour on snow and a visit to the unchained Siberian Husky Kennel at Bergthora's home, the farm Heiði is another highlight. Here two guests and a musher from Snow Dogs share a wooden sled with 8-10 Siberian Huskies pulling you on a scenic trail of 6-10 km, through the Icelandic snowcapes. taking approximately 45-70 minutes with picture stops.

Here we also have the opportunity to meet and play with some of the friendliest animals in the country. At the Heiði, farm at least twenty sled dogs are waiting to greet you. While you play with the animals, you will learn about how dog-sledding works, and how the Siberian Husky came to be an ideal breed for it.

The northern lights illuminating the night sky. nature during the winter months in a different way. In Mývatn, snowmobiling is one of the local's favourite ways of travelling through the rough arctic conditions. Snowmobiling is a part of their lifestyle and they love to share their passion for snowmobiling with us.

Another thrill is to visit the Lofthellir Ice Cave inside a volcano. It is a permafrost Ice-Cave inside a Lava Tunnel, boosting incredible ice formations, some hundreds of years old.

The tour starts from our hotel and the journey to the cave leads us through rugged tracks along incredible geology. The drive takes us past the volcano Mt. Hverfjall and along Lúdentarborgir crater row.

Of course, we will go on winter walks and will give you the necessary equipment you need for a winter hike (snowshoes, overalls, hiking poles, spikes).

Another thrill on our winter tour is hunting for the Northern lights. It is thanks to the weaker magnetic field around the poles, that electrically charged particles from the sun can enter the earth's atmosphere here. But we don´t need to understand the physical part of it to enjoy amazing Northern lights shows in Iceland!

When this "art of nature" illuminates the sky with spectacular displays of green, purple, pink, even red, our hearts jump with joy and it will be one of those experiences of a lifetime.

We have always enjoyed our visits to the Mývatn Nature Baths during summer, but it is even more special in winter. The nature bath was opened in 2004 and has proven to be one of the region's highlights for travellers. Based on a century's old tradition, the tastefully designed complex offers bathers a completely natural experience.

Begin with a relaxing dip in clouds of steam rising up from fissures deep in the earth's surface and end with a luxurious bath in a pool of geothermal water drawn from depths of up to 2,500 metres. Containing a unique blend of minerals, silicates and geothermal micro-organisms, the warm soothing waters of Mývatn Nature Baths benefit both skin and spirit alike.

The Sigurgeir's bird museum is the perfect solution for an unfavourable weather day and is on the farm Ytri-Neslönd beside Lake Myvatn. It was established following the pioneering work of Sigurgeir Stefansson who lived at the farm. Sigurgeir's bird museum is considered the largest known private bird collection in Iceland.

There are plenty of other activities that could be an option dependent on weather!


We spend 7 nights in our hotel at Lake Mývatn which blends well into the landscape and the grass roof does not destract from the unique views of the lake and the river Laxá. While eating delicious food at the hotel's restaurant, we can admire the beauty of the surroundings.

Tour departure dates

2024 tour price
  Tour   A Winter Tale in Iceland [8 days]
  Begins   18 March 2024 | Akureyri, Iceland   Walking Tour Iceland
  Ends   25 March 2024 | Akureyri, Iceland   Walking Tour Iceland
  Price   AUD $7,125

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2025 tour price
  Tour   A Winter Tale in Iceland [8 days]
  Begins   18 March 2025 | Akureyri, Iceland   Walking Tour Iceland
  Ends   25 March 2025 | Akureyri, Iceland   Walking Tour Iceland
  Price   AUD TBC

Feedback from previous Iceland tour guests

Guided Walking Holidays Iceland was everything we anticipated, only much more. Under mostly sunny skies we saw all the ruggedness and beauty of this amazing country. From majestic waterfalls to fumaroles, bubbling pools of mud to black beaches, this island has it all. To experience walking on a glacier in crampons and carrying an ice axe, was certainly a first. Our accommodations were all of a high standard and the meals were very welcome after a day's walking. Special mention must be made of Ragnor, our Icelandic guide, who was not only very professional but great fun and Gabriela went out of her way to collect us from far away when our flight was delayed. We highly recommend this WGA tour."
Sue and Ed from Orange NSW, Australia [2019]
Guided Walking Holidays I had a really great time on this trip and positively LOVED Iceland. The landscape was truely amazing and the guiding was the best i have experienced. I loved the variety in the walks and the pace. My group was friendly and supportive and fun... the accommodation was just gorgeous and overall it was a really good trip. Having local guides made the trip unique and the leadership by Gabriella and Ragna was consistently present and switched on."
Julie from Sydney NSW, Australia [2019]
Guided Walking Holidays It was a wonderful two week hike. For me, it was one of the best ever. Iceland is unique. The landscape is just so beautiful, varied and dynamic. The history and culture is so fascinating. Of course the country has become a Mecca for international tourists but, thanks to the planning and experience of WGA, our group hiked relatively deserted trails except for just a few hours within the two week hike. Throughout the tour we were guided by local Icelanders who had a profound knowledge of the landscape, history and culture. They were outstanding. They were always interesting, responsive to the interests of the group and good fun to be with. Thank you WGA, I had a wonderful holiday."
Keith from Indooroopilly QLD, Australia [2019]

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Walking tour Iceland


Walking tour Iceland


Walking tour Iceland


Walking tour Iceland


Walking tour Iceland


Walking tour Iceland


Walking tour Iceland


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