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Walking Tour Norway
14 days walking tour Peer Gynt's Trail

Walking Tour in Norway, Gierangerfjord, Dovrefjell, Rondane, Jotunheimen National Parks

Our Walk begins in one of Europe's best kept secrets - Bergen. It has a gorgeous location directly beside the sea but with towering mountains rising just behind. It has a bustling port and famous fish market and it is well worth spending time here before or after the walk.

We travel west towards the famous fjord country including the romantic Geiranger Fjord. Our walk here takes us past waterfalls and onto an alpine plateau with; superb views towards the most famous fjord in Norway.

We pass the spectacular mountain road, Trollvegen and follow the old King's Road to the tiny Dovrefjell National Park. It was established to protect the dramatic highlands around Mount Snohetta and to provide a suitable habitat for Arctic foxes, wild reindeer, wolverines and musk oxen. In Norway, fossil records show that the musk ox prospered around Dovrefjell during the last Ice Age. Henrik Ibsen's "great hunter" Peer Gynt did not fell a single deer in the entire story, but he brought to Rondane status and a place in international literature.

Following the footsteps of Peer Gynt, we walk in the amazing landscape of the Rondane National Park, surrounded by a ring of mountains. This region, 600 million years old, once rose from a lifeless sea. Through thousands of years this alpine area has provided hunters with a living, and the hunters have left their mark in the form of reindeer traps and burial mounds. Rondane's range of fauna is diverse - from lemmings to reindeers!

The spectacular Jotunheimen National Park is "home of the giants" and the epitome of Norwegian countryside with its high peaks and mountain communities in the valleys. It offers magnificent walking through ravine-like valleys, past plunging waterfalls, deep lakes and glaciers. The view from Besseggen across the two lakes of Bessvatn and Gjende is outstanding.

On our last day we follow the famous Sognefjellet which traverses the highest mountain pass in Northern Europe and then onto the Sognefjorden before returning to the historic town of Bergen.

From here it is possible to take one of the world's finest rail journeys, passing between snowy peaks and over the bleak Hardangervidda plateau to Oslo. Don't miss the side trip on the Flam line, which hairpins its way down the Flam valley to Aurlandsfjord, stopping midway at the thundering Kjosfossen waterfall.

Our Hotels and Cuisine

Our hotel in Oye is like a fairytale from "La belle époque". At the end of the 1800's Hotel Union was; the most sought after hotel in Northern Europe - its guest list read like a "Whose Who" of Europe - Queen Willemina of the Netherlands, Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway, and Queen Maud and King Haakon VII of Norway are some of the royalty who enjoyed their stay here.

This romantic hotel; has now been completely renovated and has an; idyllical location amidst beautiful untouched natural scenery, located only a short distance from the Geiranger fjord.

In the Dovrefjell National Park we stay in a small hamlet which has been very tastefully restored. It combines modern comfort with historical authenticity. At night enjoy deliciously prepared dinners as Knut and Ellen introduce us to the gastronomic delights of this region.

Our hotel on the edge of the Rondane N.P. is located just above the tree line and commands excellent views of the National Park. It has very comfortable lounges and also an indoor heated swimming pool and sauna.

A culinary adventure is the "koldtbord" - a buffet offering a wonderful selection of fish and seafood specialities, salads, meat dishes, breads, delicious cheeses and various desserts.

Our hotel in the picturesque village of Lom has been in the same family since 1897. It is a stately farm courtyard consisting of the main building and several historic 17th century log houses. The beautiful timber-lined lounges and sitting rooms create a wonderful atmosphere of tradition.

As you relax in this charming establishment you may detect an enticing aroma originating in the kitchen luring you down into the dining room. Acclaimed chef, Kristoffer Hovland, has continued in the ways of his predecessor Arne Brimi who created what he called 'Natures Kitchen" - using the freshest local ingredients and prepared using a long cultural and culinary tradition.

This inspiration from Arne has continued with the menus being based on the fine local produce such as reindeer, local trout and fresh vegetables which are grown in the valley just outside of Lom. Norway is a haven for berries with delicious raspberries being used in many of the desserts. Don't miss the chance to sample the famous waffles with cloudberries after our walk at Sota Saeter!

Featured Hotels & Restaurants

Hotel Union Øye   Hotel Union Øye » Norangsfjorden, Norway;
Livable museum dating from 1891, set in the Sunnmøre Alps.
Kongsvold Fjeldstue   Kongsvold Fjeldstue » Oppdal, Norway
Historical hotel with traditions from 1100 and reknown restaurant.
Fossheim Hote   Fossheim Hotel » Lom, Norway
Rustic-chic hotel, set in the mountainous Jotunheimen region.

Walking Tour Combination

Departure dates have been arranged to allow the "Peer Gynt's Trail" and "Iceland Explorer" walks to be combined.

Tour departure dates

2024 tour price
  Tour   The Peer Gynt's Trail [14 days]
  Begins   15 July 2024 | Bergen, Norway   Walking Tour Norway
  Ends   28 July 2024 | Bergen, Norway   Walking Tour Norway
  Price   AUD $10,865

Dates and Price to be confirmed

2025 tour price
  Tour   The Peer Gynt's Trail [14 days]
  Begins   15 July 2025 | Bergen, Norway   Walking Tour Norway
  Ends   28 July 2025 | Bergen, Norway   Walking Tour Norway
  Price   AUD TBC

Feedback from previous guests

Guided Walking HolidaysMy 2nd walk with WGA (my previous walk with WGA was in France "On The Snail Trail" in 2017). This was another wonderful walk that I will never forget and such a beautiful group of 9 people to explore and share the experience and memories with. Norway has so much to offer and is such a spectacular country. It's a beautiful country, with amazing scenery, lots of picturesque fjords, lakes, mountains, snow-capped glaciers, national parks, waterfalls, plateaus, wildflowers, flora and fauna, animals etc and is so clean, fresh unpolluted air and unspoilt. All our group were into the photography side also, so many a fantastic photo shot. Our walks took us up mountains, along valleys, down fjords, along plateaux etc that is not accessible for the everyday tour bus group. We walked, hiked and explored places you would never find on your own. A couple of the walks were a little challenging for me, especially the Besseggen Ridge, but perseverance and encouragement from Graeme and Nina and my fellow walkers, got me to the top. What a SPECTACULAR 360-degree view from the top of the Ridge and picnic spot to enjoy the scenery before the hike down. Every walk over the 14 days were spectacular, the picnic spots so scenic, an old farmhouse overlooking the Geiranger Fjord, morning tea with the cows wandering on the same track, the Musk Oxen at play, the snake on the track. Never a dull moment to be had. Our accommodation was mainly in National Parks, isolated and remote areas or very small towns, away from the crowds and everyday tourists. The Gourmet Food was delicious and great to taste the local specialities. Graeme and Nina were amazing guides, also very helpful and encouraging when walks were a little tough. Definitely a walk to consider and I have so many happy memories. Thank you all."
Lyn from Dingley Village, VIC, Australia [2019]
Guided Walking HolidaysMy 3rd WGA walking holiday. after just completing the ''On the Celtic Way'' a stunning walk. Approaching this with a little more apprehension with the dramatic and majestic Mountains of Norway what walks were in store. I was feeling relatively confident after my first tour with WGA The Italian Lakes in 2018 once again we had 9 people on the tour and all of whom were again WGA repeaters (I think that in itself speaks volumes for WGA ). Nothing had prepared me for the stunning magnificent scenery of Norway all walks were challenging and above all very rewarding. the walk that was the stand out for me and the most challenging was to the Besseggen Ridge after all the hard work of getting to the top sensational and the most amazing reward you can describe it you can photograph it but you have be there to truly experience the amazing view 360 degrees of snow-capped mountains and 6 glaciers. Norway is spectacular. All of walks were different and Graeme who has been coming to Norway for 20 years our wonderful guide whose knowledge and love of Norway was infectious, and our other wonderful guide Nina who is Norwegian an amazing knowledge, and was great fun, like all the friendly Norwegian people. An amazing but very simple highlight for me was buying strawberries from a young boy from a roadside stall. They were the best strawberries I have ever tasted juicy and succulent. Also walks seeing so many Musk Oxen and even a snake! The accommodation was again excellent particularly when we were at many times in such remote locations. The meals were delicious, and the fish soups were amazing. A wonderful group 9 guests who made the trip extra special. Thank you. I have booked my 4th WGA. The Mediterranean Odyssey. April 2020."
Ian from Adelaide SA, Australia [2019]
Guided Walking HolidaysFabulous walking holiday. This was our second Walkabout tour and it did not disappoint. Norway was wonderful and the scenery spectacular. Everything was well organised and we were able to really enjoy our holiday knowing we did not have to worry about anything. As the whole country is attractive, knowing where the special places are would be near impossible without Walkabout. We were treated to some very special places that I think only few international travellers would find left to their own devices. Accommodation and Food was always top notch and offered a local experience. Thank you Graeme and Nina for looking after us and providing a memorable holiday."
Gavin & Jenny from Camp Mountain, QLD, Australia [2019]
Guided Walking HolidaysThe tour offered a good range of walks that revealed landscapes from the fjords to the mountains. We found the Norwegian people very welcoming and enjoyed our interactions with them. Nina and Graeme helped us learn about life in Norway. Thanks Graeme for the efforts you put into giving us the chance to see a musk ox up close."
Geoff from Melbourne, VIC, Australia [2018]
Guided Walking HolidaysWe really enjoyed our trip. What a great way to experience the mountains and fjords of Norway, away from tourist centers, walking in such stunning countryside. Graeme and Nina were excellent and we enjoyed the company of the small group. Meals were delicious and healthy. Look forward to another tour with Walkabout."
Liz & Steve from Adelaide SA, Australia [2018]
Guided Walking HolidaysOur 4th trip with WGA did not disappoint - it had all the hallmarks we appreciate and enjoy - fabulous scenery, a well structured and varied itinerary, very comfortable accommodation, and delicious local food. Graeme's continuing enthusiasm for this trip was evident in his good relationships with local providers, who welcomed us with great service. He was also well supported by his friendly co-driver Nina, who gave us local insights into customs, and who fitted into our group very well!"
Kris from Melbourne, VIC Australia [2018]
Guided Walking HolidaysWe always love travelling with Walkabout. Great countries, great guides and invariably great companions. This trip was no different. We were surprised by the diversity of landscapes Norway offered - from its famous fjords to windswept tundra. The weather was kind to us, the hiking was terrific and our fellow travellers were fabulous - all made for yet another great adventure!"
Jane from Canberra ACT, Australia [2017]
Guided Walking HolidaysAnother spectacular adventure with WGA, they just keep on getting better. During our walks and ferry rides we saw many breathtaking fjords, lakes, waterfalls and majestic mountains that never failed to impress. Thanks to Graeme and Helmut for their planning and looking after us for the two weeks. The walks were well organised to allow for stops when required. The accommodation and meals were great and enhanced our adventure. Norway is a unique place with very easy going and friendly people. Highly recommend."
John & Cheryl from Hervey Bay, QLD Australia [2017]
Guided Walking HolidaysThis tour provided a great opportunity to savour the grandeur of Norway's landforms while also taking time to appreciate aspects of Norwegian culture and small things such as the prolific and dainty wild flowers, grass-roofed houses, and candles on the table at breakfast. Searching for the ever-elusive trolls, sighting musk ox, visiting an ancient farmstead, and the glorious stave churches all form special memories. But best of all were the walks, especially our day in the Valley of Giants. Graeme and Trish were wonderful, supportive guides; they even arranged ideal walking weather."
Alison from Melbourne, VIC, Australia [2016]
Guided Walking HolidaysOur Walkabout holiday to Norway certainly exceeded our expectations in so many ways. Graeme and Trish went out of their way to showcase Norway at its very best in every aspect. We felt totally confident with every decision made. We thoroughly enjoyed walking the beautiful countryside and mountains with its unique fauna and flora, staying in a variety of areas and accommodation, eating/drinking the local cuisine (the strawberries were simply the best), meeting the locals, taking in the local architecture particularly with the grass roofing, driving through so many tunnels (on the last day it was 56 in total: wow!) There is so much we take for granted in our daily lives, so it was refreshing to be a part of a different culture and learning so much. We would highly recommend this tour - it was awesome!"
Davina from Brisbane, QLD, Australia [2016]
Guided Walking HolidaysGraeme had been encouraging us to book the Norway walking holiday for some time and I am pleased to say that we were not disappointed with the experience. Graeme has invested a lot of time and effort into planning this walking holiday and it shows. Not only was the scenery breath-taking, but the people were lovely too and their children and animals beautifully behaved. We experienced a variety of walks and were fortunate that the 'weather gods' smiled on us when it mattered. In addition we experienced some truly gourmet moments particularly in the first two hotels at Oye and Kongsvold. A highlight for me was the visit to Liv Maris' farm for afternoon tea. What a wonderful opportunity to visit a heritage listed farm house and to meet the owner and her family, plus a chance to discuss traditional building techniques with the renovation team. So we left Norway with very favourable sentiments and a feeling that we would like to return one day to savour more of the delights that this country has to offer."
Geoff from Brisbane, QLD, Australia [2016]
Guided Walking HolidaysVery impressed with choice and variety of walks and experiences. Level of planning excellent and great leadership by Graeme and Trish. Food experiences beyond expectations. Felt we got a very positive cultural experience of Norway. Whilst accommodation was consistent with the remoteness of the area I was under the impression we would have nearer 4star accommodation on occasion."
Jenny from Prahran, VIC, Australia [2016]
Guided Walking HolidaysWe loved the great group of Aussies who were experiencing the mountains and waterways with us. The hikes were spectacular with some heart pumping required which is good for our fitness and health for the great outdoors. Both Graeme and Trish were excellent in driving and guiding us across Norway. The scenery and weather were perfect and the Norwegian people are beautiful. Thank you."
Barb and Ian from Wurtulla, QLD, Australia [2016]
Guided Walking HolidaysWonderful, would do again. The scenery was spectacular with water, waterfalls, snow & mostly fine weather. We had a good laugh with Andrew, Ann, Helen, John and of course Graham. We particularly liked the small group, from a social point of view. Thanks again Graham for a great 14 days in the most beautiful country."
Lorraine from Brisbane, QLD, Australia [2015]
Guided Walking HolidaysThis excellent walking adventure in Norway, was more than just seeing Fjords as most would expect when in Norway. The personal attention from Graeme and Sabina during our trip was exceptional and as a result our accommodation, meals and transport were second to none. The walks were all so very different and at a pace that all could enjoy. It was overwhelming to view the Fjords looking down from atop the mountains, rather than looking up from a cruise ship as most other tourist do. The whole experience was very memorable and we have no hesitation in recommending this tour for anyone who would like a quality Norway experience in a close and personal way."
Ray, Canungra, QLD, Australia [2014]
Guided Walking HolidaysWe thoroughly enjoyed this well balanced tour through stunning scenery. With two excellent guides, Graeme and Sabine, we saw Norwegian countryside at its best. The fjords were beautiful. Searching for musk oxen made one of the Kongsvold walks very interesting. Besseggen was a somewhat challenging uphill walk with superb views at the top. The Troll walk was just stunning. The travel days were also really enjoyable with lovely scenery and visits to local points of interest which were always worthwhile. The long drive on the last day was fantastic. The "free days" were well placed with plenty to do - or not. After this wonderful introduction, we'd love to return to Norway."
Julie, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia [2014]
Guided Walking HolidaysOur fifth walk with Walkabout Gourmet. All have been very enjoyable but the walk in Norway was particularly special for the "travelling" days. Not just going from A to B, but an opportunity to see some wonderful scenery and points of interest along the way."
Helen, St Ives NSW, Australia [2013]
Guided Walking HolidaysHad the best of times. Wonderful walks with non stops glorious views. Had been worried about whether I would be able to do them but the group of similar age and fitness meant that we all managed everything. We were very lucky with warm, sunny weather and the travel days were full of fascinating visits and sights. the free days were in places with many interesting things to do. As a bonus Grahame's friend with a Cadillac provided great entertainment. The hotels were all amazing in their different ways and the food was outstanding. I had been warned about lots of herrings and they were offered for breakfast but had numerous alternatives. Dinners were outstanding and we decided that if Gabriella knew how good they were she would be doing the tour next year! Thank you Graeme for an outstanding holiday."
Gillian, Newbridge, NSW, Australia [2013]
Guided Walking HolidaysWe thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. We had not been to that part of the world before so the whole adventure was an experience for us. All the hotels were excellent as were the meals. The company on the tour was great and we enjoyed the company of all the participants. Graeme was as usual a wealth of information and a guiding strength. We were very lucky that there was so much snow about to add to our enjoyment. It was hard to say which was the highlight of the trip. Seeing the Muskoz was great. The Union hotel also deserves a mention; we will never forget that lovely old building. We were told that a train trip in Norway was a must but I have to admit the road travel with Graeme was far more rewarding. Thanks again for a top trip and looking forward to next year trip."
Graham & Liz, Pymble, Australia [2012]
Guided Walking HolidaysThis was our seventh tour with you and it was one of the best trips we've done. The scenery was stunning despite the fact that fog and leaden skies meant we often didn't see it at its best, Graeme and Pascal were excellent guides and the accommodation was generally comfortable and full of character. The surprise was the quality of the food. With the exception of the buffets at Rondablick, the food was truly gourmet, especially the imaginative and flavoursome meals prepared by Knut's Icelandic chef. Our favourite walk was definitely Besseggen, where a superb mountain walk with spectacular views of lakes, glaciers and rugged peaks coincided with the best weather of our trip. Our group functioned well and the walks were generally scenically beautiful and well-paced. Finally, a highlight was seeing the musk oxen (a 'musk see' experience). Thank you once again."
Judith & Duncan, Basket Range, Australia [2012]
Guided Walking HolidaysExcellent trip well planned, guided, and accompanied by very pleasant and engaging companions. Norway is beautiful. Seems a pity we cannot see it in winter. 9 Muskox were a highlight and the walk to the Bessegen ridge outstanding. The appropriate way to end the trip. Hotels/lodging was very good. Food was very good."
David & Lorraine, Linfield, Australia [2012]
Guided Walking HolidaysThis was a wonderful travel experience. The combination of stunning scenery, fabulous food, interesting history and culture, experience of wildlife and well-led walks was perfect. Graeme provided excellent leadership, and Pasqual's sensitive and unobtrusive support made a great guiding team. As one of the "back of the group" members, this was very important. Choice of walks, and the opportunity for free days was well chosen. I liked the fact that there were regular free days to recover from the challenging walks! Van travel days were long but the scenery was so good it was worth it. The vans were so very comfortable for travelling. The change of route on the last day for lunch at that gorgeous historic village and to travel the snow road was worthwhile. Every day was a highlight. Thanks again for the photos - a great touch. I doubt any of the other walks will be as good as this one but I'll be trying some more!"
Julie, Aranda, Australia [2012]

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