Peer Gynt's Trail

Walking Tour in Norway - Gierangerfjord, Dovrefjell, Rondane and Jotunheimen National Parks.
A colourful toadstool
A friendly Troll
Admiring Gjende Lake from Besseggen.jpg
Admiring the views over Geiranger Fjord
Afternoon tea at Peer Gynts hut.jpg
Afternoon tea in front of a Peer Gynts Hut.jpg
Afternoon tea in Peer Gynts Hut with guests.jpg
Alpine flowers in Jotunheimen NP
Alpine huts in Rondane NP.jpg
Alpine Lake near Lom
Alpine wildflowers in Rondane NP
Amazing reflections near Lom.jpg
Arctic cotton grass with Mt Snoheta in the background.jpg
Arriving at Peer Gynts hut for afternoon tea.jpg
Beautiful Herdal Valley
Beauty of Lom scenery.jpg
Below the summit of Snoheta.jpg
Bergen waterfront.jpg
Beware of the troll.jpg
Climbing Besseggen