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Take a walk through the most beautiful locations Europe has to offer...

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Guided Walking Holidays Imagine walking through some of Europe's most stunning countryside then returning to the comforts of your charming hotel and indulging in the culinary delights of an exquisite dinner.

Sound appealing? It is all possible on a walking holiday with Walkabout Gourmet Adventures. The idea was sparked by Gabriela and Graeme Clarke back in 1986 and ever since they have been showing Australians that you don't have to forgo your creature comforts to enjoy walking in Europe. Now, 27 years on, Walkabout Gourmet Adventures has an impressive list of beautiful destinations in Europe, Africa and Australia.

Guests can combine their love of walking with the gastronomic pleasure of a delicious meal at the end of the day. More excitingly, you can afford to overindulge without having a guilty conscious - you can just walk it off the next day. On March 14, Gabriela will be conducting an information evening in Canberra.

Take the opportunity to meet Gabriela as she discusses Walkabout's various destinations and its upcoming season. Be sure to reserve your place at the evening event to receive more information about its range of enticing holidays.