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Gourmet food, a holiday Bonus


Gourmet Food, European and Australian walking, a holiday bonus. Guilt free gourmet eating was a delightful experience during my gourmet walking holidays... 

GOURMET FOOD holiday bonus
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Guided Walking HolidaysGuilt free gourmet eating was a delightful experience during my gourmet walking holidays.  I have been fortunate to enjoy two fantastic walking holidays, the first being the Gourmet Triangle commencing at Strasbourg in the Alsace region in France through the Black Forest in Germany and concluding in Switzerland at Lucerne.

My second walk was through the Alpine Country of Victoria commencing at Dinner Plains. Both experiences were guilt free because for all the mouth watering culinary delights, nobody had a chance to put on one kilojoule due to the fact we were walking each day, Pauline said.

To experience the freshness of the air and walking amongst the alpine daisies, listening to the cow bells as we ventured through the Swiss Alps and strolling through the vineyards of the Alsace was just wonderful.

The friendship, food and spectacular scenery together with feeling great after walking every day gave my body a new lease on life.

This is a fantastic way to holiday.

Walkabout Gourmet Adventures are a great company.  Each day the support vehicle carried our suitcases to the next overnight stop, whilst the group started out with small day pack walking from village to village.  Something I learnt very early on the walk was the importance of having thick woollen socks with were a saviour for the toe and heel slide movement.

You don’t need to be a marathon walker to enjoy this unique and fabulous style of holidays.  As our tour guide indicated each day, this was not a race.  Walk slowly and enjoy the beauty of the countryside, villages and fresh air that surrounds you and during the evening sample the best of local food and wines.

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