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Traveller notes GreecE ODYSSEY

Some notes from our Greek Odyssey recci by Gabriela Clarke and Jean-Pascal Briau Pellegrino



Guided Walking HolidaysOh yes, we are considering ourselves very lucky to have been sent to Turkey and Greece to work out one of the most splendid new tours in the Walkabout Program - A Mediterranean Odyssey - which incorporates Turkey and Greece. The Turkish part was already worked out at an earlier stage, so we concentrated on Greece and our journey consisted of island hopping through the lost islands of the Dedocanese on a Turkish "Gulet" boat.

Only a stone throw off the Turkish coast, so to speak, these Greek Islands are all so beautiful and different! Symi, the Venetian with pastel colors… Nysiros the volcanic… and Tilos, the authentic.

We discovered each one of them on foot and found some marvellous hidden ancient footpaths. We had the perfect spring conditions... every day the sky was blue and we enjoyed all our beautiful walks. Our eyes were treated to an extraordinary spring landscape and the air was filled with the scent of sage and oregano…really quite unforgettable.

Depending on the day, our walks were either half or full days, walking through fields of flowers, passing by a chapel perched at the top of an island or by a lone monastery. It will be a real treat to find our 35 meters long "Gulet" anchored in a harbour or a deserted bay at the end of the afternoon, where the blue will be with us until sunset whilst sipping on a drink.

On the Greek part of this journey we enjoy delicious dinners on or below deck, which are prepared by our crew. We also discover some secret small taverns on the islands with some tasty delicacies, which we will be sharing amongst us before returning to our luxurious cabins for the night, waiting for our next discoveries, and surprises the following day.

We are now at the end of our recci and feeling happy like once, a long time ago Ulysses when he made his journey!

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Crete - Island of Zeus Crete - Island of Zeus
Greece - Crete
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