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Walking group tour Rome Italy
15 days walking tour When in Rome...


Walking Food Tour in Rome, Italy

What better way to discover the eternal city's secrets than with someone who has sourced out all the locals favourites, and has come up with a list of things to see and do off the tourist traps.

Nastassja has now lived in Rome for four years and has always been on the lookout for new things to explore. May is the perfect month to visit Rome - the jasmine is intoxicating every side street and the city is blooming back to life after the colder months.

Rome is considered the heart of Italy, where the abundance of life is high and all aspects revolve around food, wine and good company. The Italian way of living is: simplicity and quality. Even though their diet mostly consists of Pizza, pasta and gelato, there are many local Roman dishes, which go further, then just gluten and carbs. The pleasure one can get out of eating one simple dish is indescribable and has to be experienced at least once - and Rome is sure to be a live theatre experience. Dining is always highly entertaining and lively, as for the "aperitivos", an absolute essential part of Roman living, which happens at the end of a working day, consisting of a pre dinner drink with lots of tasty nibbles along with it! A real danger but worth the indulgence and many flavours!

This tour will consist of food, wine and a bit of culture; an escape into nature will also take place. As for the ladies a personal shopping tour around the picture perfect Roman streets can also be organised, and the men are welcome to join or find one of many beautiful cafes and lounge in the sun, pretending to do what Romans can do so well - nothing!

Another highlight will be a cooking class with an Italian woman in her kitchen, and going to the market and cooking up all the ingredients from scratch. And then of course comes the best part - tasting what we concocted!

Rome is known for its seven hills, which promise spectacular panoramic views over the whole city. The Gianiculum hill is the perfect way to work off the food, which we shall be consuming on a daily basis. Everyday at noon a single shot of a canon breaks the peaceful silence - a tradition that has been going on since the 19th century. On our way, we will stop for coffee and do it as the locals do - at the bar. Energised by then we can face the "climb" where will stop by the magnificent "Fontanone", a fountain, which was built by the pope Sixtus V.

For the health and wellbeing of everyone, we will also include a few yoga sessions to reconnect with our inner-self and work off all the food! Your body will thank you for it!

Extras such as an evening at the Theatre, or spa experience in the Jewish ghetto can be organized.

Our Hotels and Cuisine

Our boutique hotel is just around the famous Campo de' Fiori market. Centrally located and within walking distance to all the best bars, cafes and shops. Our culinary experience in Rome will mostly be focused on the traditional Italian dishes, dining amongst locals, where the quality exceeds the quantity and appearance. All dietary requirements can be adapted upon request.

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2024 tour price
  Tour   When in Rome [5 days]
  Begins   30 May 2024 | Rome, Italy   Walking Tour Italy
  Ends   03 June 2024 | Rome, Italy   Walking Tour Italy
  Price   AUD $4,990

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2025 tour price
  Tour   When in Rome [5 days]
  Begins   30 May 2025 | Rome, Italy   Walking Tour Italy
  Ends   03 June 2025 | Rome, Italy   Walking Tour Italy
  Price   AUD TBC

Feedback from previous guests

Guided Walking HolidaysThank you for a marvellous holiday. It could not have gone better, Nastassja looked after me very well, did the sights and galleries. The tour guides were very professional and obliging. I was privileged to be part of a small private group, only me!! The restaurants and market/cooking were especially good. I will recommend to anyone."
Michael from Toowoomba, QLD, Australia [2018]

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