From the Mountains to Mediterranean

Walking Tour in Corsica and Sardinia.
Agriate shores Corsica
Agriates shores Corsica France
Agriates shores Corsica
Bay of Saint Florent Corsica
Beach cumbers Corsica
Bonifacio cliff top Corsica France
Bonifacio Corsica from the sea
Bonifacio roof line
Bonifacio strait Corsica
Bonifacio strait
Cala Luna beach Sardinia
Capo Rosso Corsica France
Capo Rosso Corsica
Capo Rosso watchtower top Corsica France.JPG
Eroded Piana granite rocks Corsica France
Evisa Corsica France
Evisa Village Corsica
Ficagliola beach Corsica
Gourmet diner at su gologone hotel Sardinia
Gourmet Walking holiday in Corsica