Follow the Gourmet Trail revisited

Walking Tour in Italy - Piedmont, Cinque Terre, Tuscany and Lazio.
Walking in Tuscany.jpg
In the poppies in Tuscany
Cinque Terre Vue Italy
Walking near Barolo Piedmont Italy.JPG
Gourmet Travellers enjoying a picnic lunch
Walking through the vineyards of Piedmont
Happy times in Tuscany
Walkers tasting Tuscan wine
Tree lined road in Tuscany
Picnic time on the Gourmet Trail
Vernazza on the Cinque Terre
Walking in the tuscan hills
Lunch time on the Cinque Terre Italy
Dinner time in San Gimignano
Our guides on the Gourmet Trail Sabine and Petra
Our hotel outside of San Gimignano
Walking Tour in Cinque Terre.JPG
Walking in Barbaresco Italy.jpg
He looks familiar
Cinque Terre view Italy