Discover the Piedmont

Walking Cooking Tour Piedmont, Italy - Cooking and Walking in Alba, Barolo and Barbaresco.
Final preparations for lunch at our cooking class in Lazio Umbria
Preparations for Gnocchi Lazio Italy
Chef at work in Lazio Italy
Something sweet Lazio Italy
Discovering Etruscan roads in Lazio Italy
Mysterious Etruscan roads
Etruscan Tombs
Fountain in Lazio Italy
Frescos in Lazio Italy
Street scene in Sovana Tuscany Italy
The tomb of Ildebrando near Sovana Tuscany Italy
Ceiling of Etruscan tomb in Lazio Italy
Entrance to Etruscan tomb in Lazio Italy
Table settings in Lazio Italy
Yum yum in Lazio Italy.JPG
Delicious fresh herbs are used during our cooking class in Lazio Italy.JPG
Cooking only with fresh ingredients in Lazio
Walking in Tuscany Italy
Cooking octopus Lazio Italy
Collection funghi