Taste of Provence

Walking Tour in France and Germany
Church in Burgundy Picnic Burgundy France Typical Black Forest farmhause near the Feldberg Walking in Alsace France
Delicious French cheeses in Alsace Examining the vines in Alsace near Obernai In the Black Forest near Menzenschwand Germany In the Black Forest near Menzenschwand
Storks in Alsace near Ribeauville The beautiful Alb Valley in Menzenschwand Walking tour in Strasbourg One of our group meeting the locals in the Vosges
Walking into Menzenschwand Walking near Barr in the Alsace Walking the back streets of a village in Alsace Pre dinner drinks in Chateau de Corban
Walking Renoirs Trail near Essoyes in Champagne Rob relaxing after a long walk in Champagne Walking through forest in Champagne Following the Route de Champagne
The pretty village of Les Ricey Walking through the village of Les Riceys Champagne tasting at Les Riceys Our lovely hotel Chateau de Courban
Inside the lounge at Chateau de Courban Walking in the Vosges in Alsace Walking near Mont St Odile in Alsace The symbol of Alsace the stork
Gourmet holidays in Strasbourg Alsace Our Lovely hotel in Obernai in Alsace Canal in Strasbourg Typical Black Forest house in Menzenschwand
Enjoying a pre dinner drink in Menzenschwand Walking in the Black Forest Walking in the Alb Valley Black Forest Beautiful farm house in the Black Forest
Colourful wildflowers in the Black Forest Our hosts Herr and Fr Dietz in front of their hotel with a Schwartzwald Cherry Cake Enjoying afternoon tea after a walk Our hotel in the Black Forest
Monkshood Blackforest Germany Black Forest Germany One of the many pubs in the Alsace France with background Saint Odile Alsace France
Walking in the Alsace France Obernai Alsace France Vineyards of the Alsace France Picnic in Champagne France
Typical Alsacian architecture France Valleys of the Black Forest Germany Black Forest view Germany Taste of Europe Walking Gourmet Tour
Mouthwatering Dessert Chateau de Courban Champagne Walking Tour in Alscace France Menzenschwand Black Forest Germany View from Mont St Odile
A rest stop above Menzenschwand in the Black Forest Herzoganhorn Black Forest Germany Village in Champagne Walking in the Black Forest
Champagne tasting Alsace forest Herzoganhorn Black Forest Culinary holiday France Germany
Food Wine tour Champagne Gourmet tour France Germany Guided walking holidays Champagne Walking tour Alsace
Trecking tour Alsace Champagne Walking food tour Alsace Champagne Walking group Alsace Champagne Walking holiday Alsace Champagne
Walking tour Alsace Champagne